New Pop Up Exhibit Features Futuristic Japanese Designer Kunihiko Morinaga

Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga of fashion design house, ANREALAGE, has created an 11 piece conceptual collection with the notion of clothing that protects us from the virtual world in collaboration with Trident gum. Okay, interesting, right?

Each garment on display is made of radio frequency shielding fabric. The idea is to allow us to carry our mobile device without them being a distraction..therefore allowing you to embrace a lifestyle of focus.

Focus on Life Gear Exhibit by Trident. Photo credit: Sonya DavidsonI know you’re scratching your head and wondering what’s going on with this partnership with Trident. “We stand for a distraction free lifestyle,” says Caroline Hugall, Director of Marketing, Trident. “We were extremely excited to work with this fashion house to bring this concept to the real world.”

Ah! So, chewing gum keeps you focused? There may be truth to that as I sit here happily chewing away as I often do.

The exhibition encourages all mobile device users and addicts to consider the thought of keeping focused. I often wonder myself why can’t I just let go of my iPhone? I’m constantly looking at it and, as one friend said to me today, “my life is in that device!” But we have enough distractions in life– once in a while it’s good to just “be all there.”

The Focus Life Gear by Trident Exhibition is now open to the public until April 6th at 536 Queen Street West, Toronto.

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Apparently I’m an “attention grabber” and “like master”.  I also ranked 17th in the world…but I’m not quite sure that’s a good thing. lol

Here’s a video to explain this concept with designer Kunihiko Morinaga…





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