EVENT ALERT: Kampai Toronto Sake Fest!

We are beyond excited about the upcoming Sake Festival! Kampai Toronto is the largest festival of it’s kind in Canada. The sake tasting event will feature over 120 sakes produced in North America and Japan.

Presented by the Sake Institute of Ontario, a not-for-profit trade organization of Ontario-based sake distributors and manufacturers, this public event offers the opportunity to sample and learn more about sake.

Kampai Toronto Sake Festival will take place on Thursday, May 29th. 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at The Distillery District, 55 Mill Street, Toronto. Fermenting Cellar and the Thompson Landry Gallery.

Tickets are officially on sale now and they sell out fast!  This is a 19+ event. Price includes food & drink at the festival. Advance tickets can be purchased online ($70 each before May 22 and $80 after this date) at www.kampaitoronto.com

VIP tickets (only 50 available are $95 each) includes general admission to Kampai Toronto and the opportunity to participate in one of two half-hour master class tastings of the 6 category winning sakes from the inaugural Toronto International Sake Challenge.


  • Sake has been around for over 2000 years stemming from rice cultivation techniques along China’s Yangtze river.
  • There are four main ingredients that go into making sake. The main ingredient in premium sakes is made with ‘sakamai’ rice. Today, there are nearly 100 different strains of this rice used.
  • Sake is either produced as Junmai (pure rice sake with no added distilled alcohol) or Aruten (sake with added distilled alcohol).
  • There are different sake styles produced from unfiltered, unpasteruized to sparkling and fruit infused.

You can find out more at kampaitoronto.com

See you there!

Here’s a taste of what to expect… this YouTuve video is a great overview from last year’s event!



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