Giftagram’s limited edition Mother’s Day gift with jewelry designer Mai Lin!

I’ve been thinking about the “mothers” in my life. My own mom (of course), my mother-in-law, my sister, my aunties, and my friends. As Mother’s Day, and other special occasions are quickly approaching I’m seeking out ideas for gifts. No pressure. I like well thought out gift ideas. I love things that incorporate design or experiences. I love meaningful gifts. I’m not slagging gift cards. Not at all! But I do like to seek out interesting items.

I fell in love with the Giftagram app a few months back. It makes gifting easy…although, I may have gifted myself several times. We won’t go there! But what I appreciate is the selection of gifting items. Things that I would consider actually seek out on my own if I had the time to do it.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve noticed an exclusive Giftagram offer that is really, really pretty. Toronto-based Mai Lin Jewelry collaborated with Giftagram to create a classic bracelet from 100% silk and 24K gold plated beads. Each bracelet is hand made by the designer, Marlissa who is known for her effortless pretty pieces for everyday luxury. The bracelet is offered at a special price for $20 as their Mother’s Day featured gift. It’s a great gift even new moms!

Giftagram limited edition Mother's Day Bracelet by Mai Lin Jewelry

Giftagram limited edition Mother’s Day Bracelet by Mai Lin Jewelry

What I love about this gifting app is that they take care of delivery for you as well. Giftagram packages everything nicely and arranges delivery. You use your app and simply select your gift item. Include the recipient’s email address and they will confirm delivery address directly with them. Once the recipient has received the email notification, you will be sent confirmation that the gift has been accepted! Giftagram now ships nationally across Canada at no extra charge!

There are many other neat gift ideas and you’ll want to check it out including spas, fashion accessories, macarons, the Jenny Bird bracelet I ordered for myself, and more!

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And of course, feel free to use the promo code for yourself! You deserve a gift too!

Visit to see what’s currently offered and to download the app.





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