Men’s Style Report: Driven in Style with Piloti

What is it about performance cars that drive some of us wild. I must admit that  the whole thing about racing is  rather sexy. I know many will agree with me.  But what is it about the racing culture? Is it the need for speed? The dare of pushing the limits? Yes, totally!  But it’s also a lifestyle.

You’ve heard of racing shoes? I always thought it was a fashionable look but I learned that it’s so much more than just a look.

I was invited to check out the newest styles by Piloti, a line of driving shoes, clothing and accessories for men inspired by the racing culture. I also had  the opportunity to chat with Brian Findlay, spokesperson for Piloti, about the brand’s appeal, not just racing enthusiasts, but for every day drivers!

What makes Piloti’s driving shoes so unique?

BF: Since the heel bears most of the driver’s weight while driving, Piloti’s Roll Control ™ Heel (it rises spherically up the back of the shoe) provides cushioning and grip behind the heel bone. The heel is simply the most critical pressure point for drivers. Those who love to drive will notice the improved grip and feel the Roll Control heel provides right away. The other key pressure point for drivers – especially those who drive manual transmissions and performance cars – is the inside toe. Therefore the technology in Piloti shoes includes precise sidewall cushioning and a reinforced lateral right side for increased durability.

Piloti SS14. Photo Credit: Sonya D. What’s the difference in the various lines offered by Piloti?  

BF: The main difference between shoes in Piloti’s casual and luxury lines and those in the performance line is that performance line shoes (used by actual race car drivers) have fire retardant Nomex® lining. The performance shoes are also FIA (governing body for Motorsport worldwide) certified and have a slightly thicker sole to protect feet from heat and vibration.

The sole design not only protects drivers from vibration, but also allows them to experience easier downshifts and pedal transitions (unlike ordinary athletic shoes, Piloti’s have a sleeker tread and tidier sole sides to avoid snagging on pedals).

For those who drive many different types of cars, Piloti shoes make it easier to get used to the pedal interface and idiosyncrasies of different cars. Perfect pedal feel and enhanced car control are what car enthusiasts dream about.

For those who actually race, do you really need shoes designed for driving?

BF: I remember reading comments from one professional driver who said ‘would you play golf in flip-flops? try snow skiing in sandals? shoot hoops in golf spikes? So why drive in shoes not designed for, well, for driving?’ I think this analogy kind of sums things up!

So, what separates Piloti from other driving shoes?

BF: Piloti driving shoes are also comfortable and stylish enough to wear on the street or in the office. This mainstream attribute is truly unique in automotive footwear.

Piloti is relaunching the brand this summer in North America, UK and France after high demand from racing fans. The Piloti collection will be available this summer across Canada at select high-end, luxury reatilers as well as within the Motorsports retail channel. Performance and casual styles range form $150 to $240, while the luxury shoes range from $350 to $450. Apparel will range from $49 to $800 (for the leather jacket).

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Piloti SS14. Photo credit: Sonya D.

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