Where do you go to get a good massage in Toronto?


Athlete’s Care – Empress Walk

I am a woman of many activities, and as you know, when you are climbing or practicing yoga, there are many pull-up moves / downward dog moves that you do. When you strain your arms and shoulder muscles, certain parts of pain get to you.

I started going to Athlete’s Care for my injuries. I have been to many massage therapists before, and I was honestly never satisfied. Of course, until I met Kirsten Wort. She knew precisely what to do to me when I pulled my shoulder muscles, and whiplash from bouldering (which I don’t normally do!). She also got my underarm area where I had to scream for mercy because the pain was so intense. I highly recommend her because she is marvelous at what she does, and rectified my long term muscle problems too.

Another personal injury that I managed to bring upon myself, was when I was attempting to snowboard  back in February, my body decides to slip on a thin icy patch of ice and fall directly on my tailbone. Yes, it did. If you have never fallen on your tailbone before, you will never understand the immense amount of pain I put my poor body through. Luckily Matt McGrath also helped me out with his chiropractic expertise and acupuncture. All I had to do was 3 sessions and most of the pain is gone. Usually a tailbone injury takes months to heal. I was taken care of in a jiffy.

Athlete’s Care has several locations. I go to the one at North York Centre Station, and that is where Kirsten and Matt are. Other services include:

Click HERE for the main page, and HERE for all the location.

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