PATH: Toronto’s Urban Underground City

Follow me to the underground. Toronto has this incredible labyrinth underneath the core of the financial district. It weaves and winds under the tallest buildings of the city. Locals use it everyday to get from the train stations to their offices to their meetings. It’s filled with incredible shops, restaurants and connects you to one of the most important design gallery spaces in the city. It’s called the PATH.

As a true Torontonian, the PATH is somewhere I have frequented for years. My mom worked at the Royal Bank Plaza and my dad’s office was in Chinatown. We could wind our way through the PATH to get as far as Yonge and Dundas without having to brave the harsh winter weather or the humid summer air. I’ve always treasured this part of the city that is so often used by so many yet rarely do you ever hear about what’s happening down there.

Where am I leading you? Well, I’m really excited to announce that I’ve recently been invited to join the new Lifestyle Team, for Oxford Urban Retail Properties. They manage some of Toronto’s busiest office and retail spaces in the city including Royal Bank Plaza, MetroCentre, and Richmond-Adelaide Centre.

It’s an absolute honour to have been asked to join this team of some of Toronto’s most well-known lifestyle bloggers and influencers that includes Dani Goddard of GirlsOfTO, Nicki Laborie of ViewTheVibe, and Valerie Stachurski of ImCharmingYou.

What can you expect? If you live, work or visit the PATH, make sure you keep up-to-date with the latest in fashion, food and culture on the The Oxford Urban Retail Lifestyle blog. Our team will be bringing you exciting announcements, fun promotions and cool finds.

The site just launch recently and you can check out my first post and others here: Oxford Urban Lifestyle Blog 

Be sure to check out the amazing Savour The Flavour promotion that is runs May 21 to May 28 and you could win a trip for two to a select Fairmont destination of your choice within Canada! Valued at $3000.

I love this city and proud to be able to talk it up as much as I can. So, for all you hard working Torontonians and visitors, take the time to look up from your mobile devices and see what’s around you.  And remember…

don't get so busy


Sonya is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of She is also a well-established contributing lifestyle writer to other sites and magazines sharing her passion for arts & culture, fashion, beauty, travel and food. Sonya is based in Toronto, Canada. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @theculturepearl

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