Beauty Review: The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

I’ve been a fan of BB creams for a while now and every so often I come across something that is worth mentioning. Recently, The Body Shop had sent over their latest TEA TREE FLAWLESS BB CREAM for me to try (geez, they know me well!). It caught my attention immediately because a) I love what tea tree oil can do b) my skin is has dark spots and b) I have always had acne. Always.

Ever since my early teen years I can remember embarrassing break outs. I remember as a teen thinking…I will eventually grow out of this phase, but nope… I still get zits as an adult! Ugh.

So, what is Tea Tree? It’s a natural oil extracted from tea tree leaves and has been used for centuries first by Australian Aborigines as a healing ointment. It’s also known for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Body Shop’s tea tree is sourced from the foothills of Mount Kenya with the commitment to Community Fair Trade. The leaves are handpicked and steam-distilled within 12 hours of harvest to preserve the oil’s benefits immediately.

What is BB Cream? It’s been all the rage for women around the world who are interested in simplifying the daily beauty regime. A BB Cream is considered a one-step solution that includes moisturizing, soothing and coverage.

So, could this latest beauty product be a perfect match?

The Results: I’m a big fan of tea tree oil and it’s benefits and for it to be included in a BB Cream seems ideal for someone like me who constantly has blemished skin. When I first applied the product I do notice the scent of the tea tree — something that I already know as I’ve used products that included this before. It’s a soothing scent to me but it fades quickly. I particularly love the tinted coverage that this Tea Tree BB Cream offers that gives a more even tone. After applying the product dries and leaves a smooth finish to my face. It’s not a matte finish but a more natural healthier appearance than my splotchiness and a great option as it serves as a light foundation. It’s definitely an all-in-one ! I was really surprised at the price point of $15 for 40 ml!

The Body Shop’s TEA TREA FLAWLESS BB CREAM comes in three different shades and is the latest addition to the TEA TREE Collection that includes a skin care line.

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