OM Toronto All-Day Yoga-thon in the Distillery District

Celebrate the summer solstice by participating in a free full-day yogathon at the Distillery District in Toronto! On Saturday, June 21st, join in OM T.O., Toronto’s largest all-day outdoor yoga event at the historical Distillery District. Free yoga classes led by the city’s most popular and most dynamic instructors from the top yoga studios catering to all age groups and all levels.

Inspired by NYC’s Mind over Madness event, where thousands gather to practice yoga on June 21 in Times Square, OM T.O. was created to bring people from all walks of life together with Toronto’s best yoga teachers to celebrate strength of body, mind and community.

“Last year, 1,000 people go onto their yoga mats and participated in our inaugural event This year, we’re hoping to double that number and bring yoga to the masses,” said Casey Soer, co-creator of OM T.O. and co-founder of Spynga Inc., a participating studio. “It’s wonderful to see yoga enthusiasts with different skill levels come together to share a truly unique community experience.”

Yogis and yoginis at all skill levels are invited to take part in one, some or all eight specially-themed outdoor classes. The 40-minute classes will run throughout the day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event is BYOM (bring your own yoga mat).

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