My my, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque did me in!

I had the most ridiculous food weekend in NYC! My hubby and I met some cool cats in the city last weekend and got to stop by Smorgasburg in Brooklyn for some flea market eats, Crif Dogs for some deep fried hot dog goodness, Shake Shack for burgers (finally!) of course and my absolute favourite was Mighty Quinn’s in the East Village.

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 9.53.26 PM

The style of ordering is you get up, line up, order what you want and go to cash, then sit down on their tables. I ordered a naked smoked pork cheek with a side of broccoli, cranberries, almonds and slaw sauce. Bing decided to double order beef brisket and chicken wings with a side of baked beans with brisket in it. Our friends got dishes similar to us plus burnt ends (luscious), so I got to sample the mashed sweet potatoes with walnuts and maple syrup.

The food was fingerlicking, melt in your mouth good! I wish I had better pictures for you to see, but at Mighty Quinn’s, it also makes a killer ginger ale, and they got brew on tap. The guys behind the food and cash are super friendly and charming with our group. I think the benefit of eating dinner at 11pm and finishing around midnight was that we were packed with an extra half a chicken on the house.

I give this restaurant 2 thumbs up and I definitely see myself returning.

Mighty Quinn’s is based in several locations you can check out HERE


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