Kallone Intimi Heats Up Summer!!

We have lingerie and swimwear stores in the city and they’re all nice and all that. But I’ve been so uninspired by what’s in our Canadian markets lately. It’s the same sort of stuff, you know what I mean? Then last night I was invited to the opening of Kallone Intimi (309 Queen Street West, Toronto) and it was like walking into a candy store!

Okay, maybe there was eye candy outside the store that lured me in as well! Hard not to notice the buff guys playing with their (beach) balls who entice you with their eyes and ask if you’re “coming in for the party?”

Kallone is filled with inspiring swimwear and lingerie that had every woman at the media event saying “Yes! Yes!”

LOVE HAUS available at KalloneThe store carries lines that I’ve never heard of that are exclusive to them in the city. Lines like PEIXOTO from Brazil and IMPLICITE from France are tastefully sexy and absolutely stunning! You don’t have to be a sex goddess to wear them but you sure will feel like one!

LOVE HAUS is another line that I adore for its modern cut out styles. Pretty Polly is a playful line that are sweet and sexy!

2XIST Men's Swimwear at Kallone

Kallone also carries accessories, bridal, beachwear, loungewear and an amazing assortment of mens swim and underwear from brands like Retromarine, SAXX, Wood, and 2XIST!




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