Whoa! Von Wong – Surrealist Action Photographer

I had the pleasure of chatting over Korean food with Von Wong over his surreal and out of this universe photography skills. His life is what most adventurers wish for. But the catch here is that Von Wong doesn’t travel for the cities, he travels for the people. He gets to travel as much as he does by shooting, teaching and working from city to city, country to country. Now that’s mesmerizing.

Von Wong has a vivid way of creating his work through crowd funding. What this means is he will raise money through his fans, as well as create projects all over the globe in an instant. This became his way of life and was then known as an international photographer. Say for example, the beautiful Bali shoot that he took underwater. Von Wong was telling me this wouldn’t have happened if his team wasn’t so passionate to put this together. This is something that logistically would normally take longer to coordinate, Wong executes this quickly and flawlessly because it just has to get done.


Von Wong is also a motivational speaker who inspires all walks of life. He believes that a lot of hard work took him to where is today, and it doesn’t only fall on talent. I was floored. He’s right, but one thing I don’t doubt is that the guy still has got an eye of what looks good. Von Wong has been so humble saying everyone has it in them, and the only way to keep going is to work hard. He thrives on adventure, unpredictability and the randomness that anything can happen. He wants to bring fantasy and dreams into people’s lives. That he does!

You must wonder where he draws his inspiration from. Von Wong tells me he meets people all the time, and people who like what he does reach out to him. They ask him to experiment with different equipment or activities, or work with some other photographer. His work organically unfolds into what it is. He doesn’t need to look for work, it happens because the more he gives. then more he gets back, and that’s thanks to his fans.

Have a browse through his website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. This guy keeps reaching up higher and higher. Have a look at his latest piece on a crane in Toronto! It’s absolutely wild and invigorating. I know we will be looking forward to seeing more of his adventures.


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Ace is a freelance graphic designer who was born in Toronto, grew up in Hong Kong, and lived in Ottawa and Vancouver. She is attracted and addicted to adventures like rock climbing, scuba-diving and anything culturally and visually interesting. Ace is still looking for the perfect cup of coffee in the city to satiate her.

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