Sneak Peek! Reel Asian International Film Festival Reveal

The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (Reel Asian), presented by National Bank, celebrates its 18th annual edition from November 6 to 16, 2014. Founded in 1997, Reel Asian is Canada ’s largest pan-Asian film festival dedicated to showcasing contemporary Asian films and work from the Asian diaspora, and is the only film festival in Toronto providing a dedicated forum for pan-Asian cinema. From November 6 to 14 (Toronto) and November 15 to 16 (Richmond Hill), the festival will present more than 50 films and videos from over 12 regions, including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada and the USA.

The two-week festival is expected to attract over 14,000 attendees this year. Confirmed guests include Gingger Shankar, Dave Liang, and Mridu Chandra (artists, Himalaya Song), and Ryan Moore (Director, Manny).

Offering a balanced combination of highly anticipated premieres, award-winning international films, and contemporary independent work, Reel Asian has risen to become the leading exhibitor of coveted Asian films in Toronto . Asian filmmakers who have premiered their work at Reel Asian include Justin Lin, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, and Fruit Chan. With something guaranteed to please everyone, Reel Asian’s 18th annual festival will be the ultimate destination where cultures meet and film fans unite.

The Reel Asian International Film Festival organizers have just released a sneak peek at this year’s line- up! But hang tight! We’ll be giving you more information and interviews as they come out!

HIMALYA SONG  Mridu Chandra | USA 2012 | 45:00 | Toronto Premiere

Reel Asian and the Aga Khan Museum co-present the Toronto premiere of Himalaya Song, a video and narration performance by Mridu Chandra, and featuring live music by Gingger Shankar (vocals/double violin), Dave Liang (piano/electronics). This multimedia performance uses music, storytelling, and video to examine the Himalayas as they undergo major environmental and ecological change. Dedicated to the preservation of Islamic arts and culture, the Aga Khan Museum will house collections of Islamic art and heritage, including artefacts from the private collections of His Highness the Aga Khan, and opened to the public on September 18th. Reel Asian is the first international film festival to collaborate with the Museum.

THE CONTINENT  Han Han | China 2014 | 100:00 | Canadian Premiere

Novelist-blogger Han Han makes his directorial debut with a road trip film focused on the dreams and confusion of modern Chinese youth. A surprise summer blockbuster hit in China , The Continent features notable stars Chen Bolin and Feng Shaofeng.

MANSHIN: TEN THOUSAND SPIRITS  Chan-kyong Park | South Korea 2013 | 104:00 | Toronto Premiere

A thought-provoking, sensory documentary from Park Chan-kyong (Day Trip and Night Fishing), Manshin provides an in-depth look at the indigenous religious belief of shamanism, told through the famed shaman Kim Keum-hwa’s life story. Starring Moon So-Ri.

HUNTER X HUNTER: The Last Mission   Keiichiro Kawaguchi | Japan 2013 | 98:00 | Toronto Premiere

On the eve of a national tournament, Hunters Gon and Killua battle against rogue Hunters who dabbled with the dark power “On.” A film adaptation of the best-selling manga series Hunter × Hunter, The Last Mission introduces character twists that even followers of the manga would find refreshing.

MANNY  Ryan Moore, Leon Gast | USA/Philippines 2014 | 90:00 | Canadian Premiere

The life of internationally renowned Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is the definition of a rags-to-riches story. Now, almost two decades later, the country of 100 million people comes to a complete standstill to watch him fight. This film will be the Opening Night gala film in our Richmond Hill venue.

Here’s the trailer for Himilaya Song that is definitely on our radar. The music is hauntingly beautiful!



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