Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver

Just when you thought you’ve had enough of reality shows…enter the Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver. Say what? But okay, you’ve got my attention! Come on now, don’t tell me you’re not the least bit curious as well? If not just for an escape from our normal “I will only shop if it’s on sale” days.

The show’s trailer was release to give us a taste of not just the rich but ULTRA rich lifestyle of four young beauties of wealthy chinese families. Yes, it appears that they like to travel, party, and shop…alot.  BUT let’s remember, they are chinese. Given the culture I’m suspecting we won’t see the hair-pulling fights that makes me turn off the TV faster than you can say Louboutin.

According to other sources in the press, the show’s producer Kevin K. Li mentioned that although the show will be entertaining, he hopes that viewers will see success stories and be inspired. Okay…we’ll see.

The first episode airs October 26 (7pm PST) on YouTube. Check hbictv.com for details.

Here’s the trailer —  which has already garnered insane hits already on it’s own!




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