LODING Menswear Brings Parisian Style To Bay Street

I’ve passed by LODING’s first menswear boutique located in Yorkville numerous times.  I would always quickly admire the window and inviting aethestics even from the outside. Just steps from the Ferrari dealership my automatic assumption would be that this men’s shop would be out of reach given the neighbourhood. But I was surprised to learn that LODING’s concept, while luxurious in quality, appearance and feel, is indeed accessible to the stylish Canadian men.

Recently LODING opened a second location in the busy financial district. Makes sense given the concentration of “suits” I see buzzing about. The new concept shop is located in the underground PATH at First Canadian Place. But what is LODING all about?

LODING FCPLODING is a renowned Parisian menswear boutique that is known for its high-quality, hand-made shirts, shoes and accessories for fixed prices. The first store was opened in 1998 on rue de Berri in Paris. Since then, the brand has grown to over 68 stores in France, Asia and Africa. The brand differentiates itself from competitors by offering quality products at highly competitive prices making luxury accessible. For example,  ties are $70 each…yes, all of them. Shoes sells for $330 in all styles. Shirts are $95.  Cufflinks are $50.

I had to see the quality and styles for myself when they had invited the media to the shop to view the products first hand. LODING definitely lives up to their promise of modern classics in style and designs as well as quality. This immediately had everyone singing praise that yes, honey, you can afford luxury!

LODING coming to Canada has an interesting story. If you’re up to date with your downtown dining scene you may have heard of a gentleman named Yannick Bigourdan? He’s one of the most well-known and highly-respected restauranteurs in Toronto — psst, he’s partners with David Lee at Nota Bene and The Carbon Bar. Bigourdan was born and raised in the South of France who is a long time fan of LODING. Having being a loyal customer of the brand, he had a strong vision to bring this unique shopping experience to Canada. So together with French owners Julien and Marie Moga, they’ve now planted the brand firmly on Canadian soil.

Nathan Gozlan, son of Founder Michel Gozlan, was on hand at the opening as well. He had mentioned that with Yannick’s understanding of the Canadian market, LODING has created products to meet the higher demands of men here. For example, the cashmere sweaters are 100 per cent, double-ply cashmere to compete in this market place. I was also surprised to hear that LODING also offers custom styling options to their popular shoe line. Want a specific colour of leather? No problem. They have sourced a local shoe artisan on staff to take care of those needs.

The shop will also keep tabs and create profiles with clients who wish to keep track of their sizing and personal style likes so shopping is seamless. Since there’s no second guessing on prices then it just can’t get any easier can it? Your girlfriend, wife or mom can call into the shop and not have to guess on sizing.

LODING also offers a polishing station at the First Canadian Place location so their customers can maintain the quality of the shoes.

Website: www.loding.ca



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