BAKING ZEN Review: Say Goodbye to Deepfry, and Hello to Airfry!

I have a new guy in my life and his name is Philips. He helps me do things I’m normally too afraid to do. Yes, Hubby knows about him and he’s ok with it because Philips brings food joy to our lives. Meet my Philips Airfryer. He fries food without any oil. WHAAA…? I know…hard to believe, but it’s true! It’s deep fried eats without the greasy guilt!

AirFried by Baking Zen. To be honest, the entire process of deep-frying actually scares me, so I refuse to delve into the dark abyss of hot liquid fat. I hate being splattered with blistering oil and I’m so paranoid of starting a grease fire.   So when I first heard about frying food without using oil, I was skeptical. How can my favourite deep fried foods be made without actually deep-frying? Oh, Philips, how you proved me wrong….

The Philips Airfryer looks like a cool, space age egg-like appliance. It uses Rapid Air Technology and its unique starfish design in the bottom drawer lets you fry food using hot air so you virtually don’t need any oil or very little oil to create perfect crispiness on the outside and juicy tenderness on the inside. Think of it as your convection oven on steroids! It takes about 3 minutes to preheat (which is less time than my conventional oven) and the cooking time is also reduced. I can roast an entire basket of vegetables in 15 minutes!

Airfried by Baking ZenStore-bought frozen foods like mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, french fries yielded perfect results, and they cooked in less time than it takes for me to preheat my oven. Crispy, not burnt, and the extra oil drips out of the basket and into the drawer unit. Next were chicken wings and I wasn’t sure how Philips could pull this one off. So I marinated some wings in teriyaki sauce and a couple of dashes of cumin and sprinkled with black pepper, then coated in panko breadcrumbs and they came out amazingly delicious! They were crunchy on the outside and incredibly mouthwatering juicy on the inside without a lick of added oil to it! Ok, Philips, you have my attention.

Airfried by Baking ZenThen I decided to challenge Philips to see what else he can do. If I have a new kitchen appliance it has to do more than just one thing since countertop real estate is at a premium. I’ve made eggplant Parmesan without any oil whatsoever! I’ve made airfried potato chips with just using my vegetable peeler to shave off slices of potato, then soaked in cold water, and tossed with a teeny bit of oil and salt. They were amazing and my kids devoured them like a pack of hungry wolves. However, the most incredible thing I’ve airfried were apple turnovers using store-bought piecrust! I did brush a coating of egg wash on these sweet babies, but again, no oil!

So Philips can fry, roast, grill and even bake. There are accessories you can purchase for specific types of cooking like grill pans and baking baskets. Clean up? Simple and easy. The mesh basket and the removable non-stick coating drawer can be thrown into the dishwasher. I usually just toss the mesh basket in the dishwasher and hand wash the nonstick drawer.

The Philips Airfryer does come with its own recipe book, but Philips launched a free app for use on the iPhone, iPad, Android and tablets. It gives users step-by-step instructions to over 190 recipes and dishes broken down to courses, cuisine type and even cooking time. There is also a I Love Philips Airfryer community Facebook page where there are more recipes, mostly Asian inspired dishes (the airfried tofu looks delicious!).

IMG_0600In a nutshell, I love my Philips Airfryer. It cooks food in half the time it would in the oven, and even perfect to cook a small amount of food without having to heat up an entire oven. It’s super easy to use with a couple of dials: one to set the temperature and the other is the timer. Besides giving the basket a couple of shakes in the middle of cooking, it’s pretty much the only thing you need to do. My only complaint is that it is loud, but not any louder than my hood fan. The appliance is quite large so make sure you have a spot for it on your countertop or easy accessible storage space because you will use it often! Without the use of oil or very little coating of oil, it makes for healthier eating.

With the holidays just around the corner, the Philips Airfryer will make a perfect gift for anyone who likes to indulge in deep fried foods without all the deep fried guilt!

~ Carol

aka Baking Zen

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