Travel Report: #Unstoppable Cabo

When we first visited Los Cabos years ago it was like no other parts of Mexico that we had been before. We instantly fell in love with the area. The west coasters had already made the Baja Peninsula a hot spot since it neighbours California and knew it was a playground for the Hollywood starlets. However, for us living on the eastern time zone, it was still somewhere relatively unexplored and most of our friends hadn’t been before. Sure it was easy for us to visit destinations along the Gulf of Mexico and we all know that Cancun was a place to party but Los Cabos has a different vibe that we were open to experience.

The air in Cabo is fresh and isn’t humid like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta where we would be constantly fanning ourselves. We stayed closer to the quieter town of San Jose Del Cabo that was home to local artists. One night we went for a walk and stumbled upon a carnival where locals were having fun. Families with small children played game and danced.  There was plenty of food to be had. We were the strangers among them but they waved us in and invited us to join. My first taste of dulce con leche was there. It was an unforgettable.

At the breathtaking natural positioning of  El Arco is where the Sea of Cortes meets the Pacific Ocean — one of the most photographed points in the area.  We took a small boat to get a more personal experience this natural wonder. Los Cabos landscape is calm and beautiful and then can also be rugged and challenging at times. I can still remember the power of the surf along coastline in front of our hotel with nature’s spectacular display of crashing waves at times making us very aware of our existence with the sea. But then you go a few miles along the Baja and then you feel like you’re in the desert!

oceanholemountainThere are many unforgettable experiences to be had in Los Cabos. I’ve heard many incredible deep sea sport fishing stories come out of this area. With the crashing waves the challenge of nabbing the “one that almost got away” makes for a lifetime of tales. Los Cabos is also considered  one of the best destinations in the world for golfers. Cabo’s natural terrain is similar to those in Arizona and California  Desert and the dramatic backdrop of the Sea of Cortes is what draws golfers from around world. We had visited the legendary Cabo del Sol Golf Club – Ocean Course designed by world-renowned Jack Nicklaus that stretched along the picturesque coastline. The 5th and 17th holes are ranked among The 500 Best Holes in the World according to Golf Magazine.

There are plenty of things to do or not when you’re in Cabo from luxury spas, kayaking, scuba diving, ATVs, and a great nightlife at the bars and restaurants. So, I’m ready to revisit and relax on one of their beautiful beaches, especially now that winter has it us early in Toronto.

Westin Hotel Los Cabos

Westin Hotel Los Cabos

We had learned that the area was it with Hurricane Odile this past September which left her mark on the area. The tourism board and community have been working hard to restore the beauty of the area. They’ve also set up a website #Unstoppable Cabo  to keep tourists up to date on their speedy recovery efforts including hotel and airport updates.

I hear they’ve already spotted the first whales in the sea for the season. Cabo is ready for you. Who’s in?

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