Morph you hair into something chic.

I have a love affair with my hair and doing fun things to it. As my day job as a corporate graphic designer, I need to be sensible, but I know I am allowed to be a little bit edgy. So I decided on change. I love change!

So I took the time to research prices, style and locations to find the perfect hairdresser. I know, I needed a variance from my old place. There were a couple places that wanted to charge me over $250 for just balayage with no cut, so I kept on looking.

There was one wonderful salon with an equally hardworking individual who quoted the right price for me! Her name is Huen and she works at Morph Hair Design. This location is situated a little far from the usual downtown neighborhoods, but she makes it 100% worth it for me to trek up to Markham. (It also means I get my azn food on).

I had sent Huen a picture and she gave me an excellent price. As soon as I walked in, she took my jacket and started our consultation. We pretty much worked out the colours I wanted for my long hair now.

She was very patient as my hair is very dark, and she had to pre-lighten it twice. I felt bad because it was a lengthy process of highlighting on top of new highlights. The results are stunning and my hubby calls me his blond girlfriend-wife.

I am absolutely ecstatic with the results and would recommend everyone to go see her. Her prices are extremely reasonable, and I didn’t even have to negotiate!

Morph Hair Design
8390 Kennedy Rd
Markham ON L3R 0W4

Look up Huen As you readers should know, I am extremely picky about who touches my hair. So with this treatment, I will be going back. Happy gorgeous hair day everybody!


Ace is a freelance graphic designer who was born in Toronto, grew up in Hong Kong, and lived in Ottawa and Vancouver. She is attracted and addicted to adventures like rock climbing, scuba-diving and anything culturally and visually interesting. Ace is still looking for the perfect cup of coffee in the city to satiate her.

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