TOMFW15 Report: Alan Ta’s Royal Inspiration

Toronto Men’s Fashion week is well underway and while it’s been a busy week of event coverage and media previews we were invited to attend Alan Ta’s runway show and did not want to miss this one! The line was viewed by fashion industry executives as well as the stylish set this week and Alan is definitely getting some media buzz this week as he took to the runway with confidence. It’s hard not to fall in love with this designer for his work and his personality.

Alan Ta, Just Ta Designs, hails from Montreal and travels to Toronto often for fashion events. Recently, he earned the title as the winner of the White Cashmere Collection  design competition in 2014. This annual national competition featured 15 top emerging talents on the Canadian fashion scene and all were nominated by established Canadian designers. Canadians were invited to vote for their favourite designer couture piece (did I mention it had to be made with bathroom tissue?!) and a $10,000 donation was made to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in his name.

We had a chance to check in with fashion darling just days before his Fall/Winter 2015 menswear line reveal to find out more about this collection…

Alan Ta at TOMFW15. Photo Credit: Sonya Davidson for

Why did you decide to showcase during Toronto Men’s Fashion (TOM) Week?

My first men’s collection SS15 opened TOM’s first edition. It was huge exposure for me and an amazing experience!  This show is a great opportunity for any young designer to approach the fashion world.

What’s the inspiration for this new collection?

I was inspired by the “royal” feel from the Renaissance era but I wanted to add a modern touch such as colour blocking and asymmetrical lines front and back.

What inspires you as a person?

I get inspired by people who are helpful in our society and those who stay humble. I try to stay humble and grateful myself.

I agree Alan! You’re definitely that way! So, you’re gaining more and more attention now and that must be exciting! What’s your goal in the fashion industry?

I’ve always dreamed of having my own factory to mass produce my ready-to-wear collections. Having my own fashion house where we can give opportunity to young talented designers is also something I would like to do. And of course, I wish all of my collections will sell well and be able to do what I also love to do..that is to have the money to be able to do charity work and start a foundation to help guide and assist financially-challenged and  passionate young talents to pursue their dreams.

Alan Ta at TOMFW15. Photo credit: Sonya Davidson for






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