Blade & Skillet Video Recipes Show Us How To Cook With Style And Ease

You want to be a chef at home. You really, really want to! But if you’re like me and you’ve got a busy life and really don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen I’ve got news for you! You don’t have to! There are ways to serve stylish and sophisticated dishes that look like you’ve seriously fussed for days….but you didn’t.

I’ve recently checked out the online video recipe service Blade & Skillet that shows us the joys of the kitchen without the fuss. It’s an innovate online recipe subscription service hosted by site founder Dorian Burns-Coyne who takes a creative approach to easy entertaining.

Each recipe is provided with a list of ingredients and how to BUT the service also offers a video that shows you how to prepare the dish in three minutes or less. Recipes are quick, delicious and smart. You’ll find recipes ranging from mouthwatering homemade burgers stuff with smoked cheddar, impressive mussel-topped linguine, fresh spinach fig salad and even mushroom risotto with broccolini and snow peas. New recipe videos are uploaded weekly. Each recipe is created from scratch and tested so it can be re-created by any level of cook.

Great for entertaining family and friends but also perfect for everyday.

And hey, what happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen! They don’t need to know you didn’t slave over the stove.

The subscription is only $1.95/month for a 12-month subscription. Your membership includes unlimited access to videos and recipes. And the site is beautifully designed. Totally worth it!

Link here: 

Blade and Skillet




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