WMCFW Spotlight: VAWK brings Subway to the Runway

The World MasterCard Fashion Week Tents were buzzing last night as VAWK designer Sunny Fong presented a capsule collection created in collaboration with SUBWAY. Before any fashionista said “hold the mayo,” Fong showed six looks inspired by the sandwich establishment. We may, or may not, have been hankering for a sub at this point in Fashion Week. Yes, momentarily we took our hands out of the candy bag and into a world of flowing lettuce greenery in the “veggie-to-wear” pieces.

Fong took digital prints of lettuce and cucumbers and printed the images on organza fabric to create his fresh looks. A couple other looks in the collection included yellow-gold leather accents with laser cut details of the SUBWAY logo (for the record, it was definitely yellow and gold)

The fun collection was shown along side his fall/winter 2015 Dot Du Jour presentation.

“For SUBWAY Style, I wanted to create a cohesive collection that is linked to my Dot Du Jour presentation,” said Fong, “I had a lot of fun creating this line inspired by 60s pop art and high style. I wanted to present the brand in a way that is fresh, young and, ultimately — wearable.”

The collaboration was a way to tie in March’s Nutrition Month and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Good reminder as I look in my handbag and see chocolate bars and gummy bears.


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