WMCFW Spotlight: Walk the Soia & Kyo way

Ilan Elfassy’s vision enchanted the guests at the Fall / Winter 2015 World Master Fashion Week once again. The colours, the fabric  and the soft lines nailed the upcoming Fall / Winter season. The colours are carefully chosen to reflect a refreshing new look and start for the cold we thankfully just left behind.

With neutrals, plums and shocking white, the mood encapsulates the everyday style for  young professionals, while keeping the look mature and fun.

Plaid seems to be of the textured trend, and the wool has range from gray with to a lemony green accented by a faux fur trim.










The down jackets always has a playful edge with it’s pillowy soft hoods. This is always my favourite part of the shape of Soia & Kyo’s jackets and coats. The leather has it’s fabulous shape that really accentuates the woman’s body. Ilan Elfassy always does something intriguingly timeless to every one of his coats.

Have a browse on the Soia & Kyo website. There is always room for another coat. Maybe it’s time for another upgrade.

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