Men’s Style Report: Artist Darcie Kennedy collaborates with William

Socks by William is a Canadian-born company that manufactures their incredible products on Canadian soil. Founded by Canadian entrepreneurs Francois Boisvert and Sylvain St-Germain, this dynamic duo are bringing more than a colourful, patterned sock to the scene. The two have come together to produce a high-quality Canadian-Made men’s sock line and all products are presented in story-telling collections.

Recently they’ve  collaborated with Toronto-based renowned painter and artist Darcie Kennedy and we wanted to find out how this all came about…

Photos-DK4-1How did this collaboration start between you and William?

I met Francois Boisvert at AxeNeo7 in Gatineau, Quebec.  It was the opening reception for my Masters Thesis Exhibition.  He was looking for the artist and there I was.  We met for lunch the following week to talk about Socks by William, our ideas, and I started making designs.  I love fun patterns, especially on socks, so I was really excited about this collaboration.

Your art interprets really well on the socks, have you done anything like this before on textiles?

I haven’t directly created a design with the intention of the final product being a textile.  That being said, textiles, sewing, knitting, and patterning have always been points of interest for me.  I often use techniques such as weaving, sewing, and layering as a way of creating my artwork.

What was going through your creative mind when deciding on patterns and colours for this line?

I had just completed a number of paintings for my MFA, so I started by re-investigating my own work.  I went back and looked at colour combinations, different lines, shapes, and sections that repeated.  Some of the patterns were direct translations of the paintings, while others were bits and pieces pulled from a combination of works.  I’ve been a fan of fun socks for a long, long time now and wear them quite often, so I was also of course thinking about the shape of the foot and the different areas of the sock template as a whole.



Socks by William. Darcie Kennedy Artist Collab

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