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Along the Queen Street West/Spadina area in Toronto is a little unassuming beauty shop on the exterior but when you enter, it’s all shiny and pretty.  Holika Holika is South Korea’s number one, celebrity endorsed beauty brand for women and men. It’s no secret that Asia is way more advanced when it comes to skin & beauty technology and what’s even better? Price points are not out of reach. There are many “cult favourites” and are definitely worth looking into including the  Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream that is a water based and comes tinted. Coverage is excellent.

Holika Holika is like opening a beauty treasure box. Many brands you may not have heard of before but they are popular for many reasons. You’ll definitely want to ask a lot of questions when you visit and don’t question the often cute packaging, okay?

Here are a few interesting products and some best sellers at Holika Holika here in Toronto.

Holika Holika

Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead 3-step kit ($3.50)will help manage blackheads and to minimize pores. The kit has one sheet.

Prime Youth Snail Mask Sheet

Prime Youth Snail Mask Sheet ($8.00) is a moisturizing mask enriched with 70% Snail Mucin extracts that apparently solves numerous skin problems and great for moisturizing. It also contains Wild Ginseng, Canadian Willowherb.


Holika Holika

Charcoal is just starting to be available in mainstream beauty brands but it’s been popular for a while in Asia. The Smooth Egg Skin Egg Soap Charcoal ($15.50 for 2 eggs) contains the benefits of charcoal (as well as egg white) that helps tighten the look of pores with great cleansing. Great for oily skin and great for decongesting blackheads. Also improves blood circulation and elasticity.

Holika Holika

The Magic Pole Mascara 2X ($19.50)  is a best seller with it’s specially designed memory curl polymer that helps keep eyelashes voluminous without clumping. Great mascara for those who have sensitive eyes. Waterproof version also avalilable


Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker

Worried that your face looks big? Feel like your hairline is receding? The Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker ($14.00) offers a soft and natural hair line finish.

Holika Holika


Tired of your hair colour and just want a quick change? Angel’s Ring Bubble Hair Colour boxes ($13.50) caught my eye, probably because of the big kewpie doll eyes staring right back at me. This shampoo type of hair colouring foams up to colour hair. Comes in a variety of shades. No crazy smelling fumes either. Probably great for teens and those who are a little more daring with colour. Won’t really cover greys though.

The staff really touted the Butterfly Cream aka Miracle Real Skin Finish Cream to be great cream if you’re looking for a CC. It’s one of those all-in-one creams that helps even skin tone, whitens, and has sunscreen components. Light fresh scent. It’s been great for summer days when I don’t really need any makeup but offers a smooth even appearance. This one has serious celebrity endorsements in Korea. I hope they still carry it.

Holika Holika

Another curious product and best seller is the Prime Youth Bird’s Nest Gold Leaf Cream ($150.00) that is infused with the Chinese Emperor’s Swallow Bird’s Nest extract and colloidal gold. Apparently to make your skin radiant.

Holika Holika


But this Prime Youth Placenta Activator ($70.00) for your face? Wait. Okay…it’s not animal placenta but the Phyto-Placenta extracted from soy beans. Phew. You can link to the site to find out more.

Holika Holika is located downtown at 311A Queen Street West (Toronto) and at Pacific Mall (4300 Steeles Avenue West).

They are also located within many T&T Supermarkets in Ontario and BC.












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