Say Hello to Musio, the world’s first artificially intelligent friend

What Siri has done for us is amazing! She’s been able to help us with research on just about anything we ask her. She’s been able to translate languages quickly for us and help us with travel. She’s even answered some of our most trivial questions but what if we could actually have a conversation? We know she can only go so far. Enter in MUSIO, the world’s first artificially intelligent robot.

We knew this was coming right? Taking technology to this next level was stuff that movies were made of but now it’s becoming reality. Mind blowing and we’re curious here at the office! How will this robot change the way we do things? While it obviously won’t replace human contact it sure goes beyond being a concept and it’s ready to go. Now.

MUSIO is the creation of AKA, a leading technology company in machine learning and natural language processing. It’s human-level intelligence that can carry conversation and remember what it is told. Apparently it can even tell jokes and share emotions.

Originally conceived as a tool to help Asian children learn English, MUSIO has evolved into a  highly functioning “friend” for all ages. People can play, interact, learn and engage at a more sophisticated level and it will even communicate with nearby devices and objects which means your smart home can get even smarter.

And that’s not all… MUSIO has different models, or “brains”, for different needs: Simple, Smart, and Genius.

It caught our attention as one of the most intriguing Indiegogo campaigns launched in the past couple of weeks….and okay, it’s really cute!

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