Q&A Letterbox is something Canada has been looking for!

Andrea and Queenie are the maestros behind this beautiful collection of cards called Q&A Letterbox. It made me wonder how these 2 stylish and crafty girls came up with this concept. Read on and click on the link to find out more about this creative and extraordinary vision.

1. How did you both meet?

We met on Instagram, through our shared love of stationery. In 2014, I (Andrea) embarked on 365 days of letter writing and decided to document my daily snail mail on Instagram. Queenie designs a sweet, punny line of cards called queenies cards. Two Toronto gals, in love with paper products – we were bound to meet!

Queenie & Andrea | Q&A Letterbox creators

Queenie & Andrea | Q&A Letterbox creators

2. What inspired you to start up a card / letterbox company?

A love of stationery and of snail mail. In this digital, high tech age, there is something about receiving mail that feels really special. We like the idea of spreading love, one mailbox at a time. We are big fans of the subscription box model and there aren’t any other stationery subscriptions in Canada (that we’re aware of). Q&A Letterbox provides us a way of doing something we love while highlighting Canadian designers.


Q and A Letterbox - Mailers

Q&A Letterbox | Mailers

3. The designs are quirky, fun and unique, how do you find these local artists?

It’s such fun to find designers! It gives us an excuse to search near and far for stationery. We scour the web, paper shops, craft shows and beyond to find designers. We are both Toronto-based, so we work extra hard to find designers living across the country. We were so happy to discover Impressus (Ottawa-based) and Double Dare Print Studio (Nova Scotia-based) and to feature them in our June letterbox. We also featured Jonesy, a simply lovely local designer that we adore. Each letterbox includes three cards and one goodie. This month’s goodie was a washi tape sampler from the fabulous Marisa at Omiyage. We’ve got some great designers for July! We post a Q&A with each of our designers on our website so that our subscribers can learn more about the makers.

4. How do you decide on which cards to send out to your subscribers?

We do a lot of research to find cards that we really love. We seek unique, thoughtful designs. We curate each letterbox carefully and consider how the designs work together. We generally select everyday cards or greetings that all of the subscribers can use (think birthday, thank you, hello, congrats). Our stationery goodie is a fun add-on like washi tape, stickers or a pencil.

5. How do I sign up for this?

Easy, peasy! You can sign up for one month/three months or one year. Subscriptions are available in Canada and the US (and we’ll even ship internationally) at www.qandaletterbox.com

6. Are you in any events across Canada this year?

We’ll be at the Paper Fair at the P.O. on Thursday, June 18 from 6 – 9 p.m. We love Toronto’s First Post Office – it’s such a sweet venue, with a working post office and historic info. We can’t wait for the Paper Fair!

How supremely splendid is this!?!?! To see what has been received for previous months, click the hashtag #qandaletterbox for the Instagram tags. Happy letter writing, peeps!

Q&A Letterbox | Sample Box

Q&A Letterbox | Sample Box

Q&A Letterbox | Vintage Stamps

Q&A Letterbox | Vintage Stamps

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