Hair Styling Hacks For Every Wedding Party

It’s full on wedding season and humidity in our parts of the country has us going crazy on how to keep our hairstyles under control. Enter in Justin German, lead stylist and co-owenr of Shagg Salon in Toronto and Pantene Pro-V Consulting Stylist to the rescue!  Justin’s work has been featured on the covers of many magazines including FASHION, Flare, Glow and Chatelaine. He’s also involved with many top models and celebrities during TIFF and Fashion Cares. He’s offered us his top three hairdresser hacks that every woman should have handy (and not just members of the bridal party!)

Photo courtesy of Pantene. Justin German.To make a good hair day Justin has shared these helpful tips to keep our locks looking their best:

1. DIY Diffuser: diffusers can be pretty bulky and could possibly be forgotten if you’re rushing around that big day (or on your honeymoon!). If the weather has your hair going cray, try covering the hair dryer nozzle with a stocking and secure it with a hair elastic. This slows down the air and acts like a diffuser, then finish with Pantene Pro-V Stylers Anti-Humidity Maximum Hold Hairspray for a polished look.

2. Mixology: You thought it was just a term used at the bar? lol Justin tells us that when his clients need a lot of hold, but still want their hair to be touchable and soft he likes to get creative. He suggests combining one part Pantene Expert Dry Defy Conditioner with tow parts Pantene Pro-V Maximum Hold Gel for the perfect amount of hold with none of the crunchiness.

3. Static? If you live in parts where it’s drier (or you’re planning a winter wedding), Justin tells us the best way to beat static is to apply a few pumps of Pantene Dry Defy Velvet Creme Infusion to add moisture and smoothness back into hair. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have any product on hand, another way to eliminate static is to run a metal coat hanger over your hair! It apparently works instantly and is a quick fix when you’re in a rush.

Want to know how to get that low chignon look? Here’s a quick video… there are more videos on the site at

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