Style File: Interview with designer Sajan Choksi of JAAN CHOXI

JAAN CHOXI, fresh-off of their impressive debut at World MasterCard Fashion Week, the Toronto based luxury menswear label has taken the show on the road with the launch of its Fit-Studio Pop-up and E-boutique. We caught up with its designer and founder Sajan Choksi at the JAAN CHOXI Fit-Studio event at The Spoke Club in Toronto to talk about the brand and the ups and downs of running a startup business.

What makes JAAN CHOXI unique compared to traditional bespoke tailors and the new wave of online e-tailors?

JAAN CHOXI is a fashion label that focuses on the modern, stylish man. We create a collection every season that we are able to custom fit to our clients. We are a mix of fashion house meets bespoke tailoring, with the ability to purchase and provide measurements online and through private fitting appointments.

How would you describe the JAAN CHOXI client?

The JAAN CHOXI client is one that is lifestyle oriented and enjoys dressing the part. JAAN CHOXI clients love the arts, food & drink, music, film & technology – all things creative and whether they’re entertaining friends in the Toronto nightlife scene or traveling to other parts of the world, the way they look and dress plays a part in how they feel and experience those moments.

How does the new E-boutique work?

The e-boutique (when it’s launched) will provide a way for clients to come and experience the JAAN CHOXI brand while shopping online. We will try and create the experience that you have when getting personally measured, through the online world using vivid videography that instructs on how to take proper measurements. Once we’ve created the client’s account and have the measurements stored, we’re able to custom the pieces of the collection to fit more nicely than the traditional ready-to-wear sizing.

What has been the biggest challenge thus far for JAAN CHOXI as a new business venture? And what important lessons have you learned thus far?

There have been quite a few challenges – but it’s been really trying to figure out how to change the retail/online space and come out with a new model that allows for a great experience for our clients as well as JAAN CHOXI as a new startup. Overall, my team and I have been able to really go through the various scenarios and come through with a direction that I feel benefits everyone.

What are some of the biggest highlights thus far for you personally and for the brand?

Launching at World MasterCard Fashion Week was definitely an amazing experience and a cool way to show the brand for the first time. Since then, we’ve got a lot of good press and reviews such as the Globe and Mail’s Top 5 Looks. One of my favourite moments has been when Francesco Yates wore JAAN CHOXI at the MMVAs this year – that was a really cool thing to see.

How does a prospective customer arrange to be fitted by JAAN CHOXI?

A prospective client can go to our website and fill out a form to arrange a private fitting with myself. You can also email a request to

To find out more about JAAN CHOXI:
Instagram @jaanchoxi
Twitter @jaanchoxi



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