Most Wanted Items At Muji For Back To School

Heavy in shopping mode for back-to-school? You can go to the big box stores for the usual stuff but we’ve discovered simple, yet well-thought items at Muji, the Japanese lifestyle shop. So, here are our most wanted items to start of the school year feeling calm, focused and refreshed.

Body-fitting Sofa doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can move it around easily. It’s free-form molds to every body shape and size. Sofa Covers come in a variety of colours to suit any room.

Body Fitting Sofa

Acrylic Storage Boxes designed to all fit together in a clean and clear modern way. You won’t lose any those small supplies in a messy drawer!

Muji Acrylic Boxes

Room Scents will help create the space you need to stay focused and calm. Choose the essential oil that best fits your mood to use in the diffuser and breathe in happiness.

MUJI essential oil


Start school with a fresh set off stationary supplies. Simple designs that will help keep life focused and organized.

Muji stationary


MUJI To Relax App (free download on Apple App Store and Google Play) will be your best friend at times when you need to calm down and take a moment to regroup before any papers are due or exams. The app features several soothing sounds to choose from including ocean waves, birds, crackling fire, river streams, nature forest, and waterfalls. You can set the timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes…just in case you fall asleep. Use it when you need to concentrate too. I have river streams running in the background now.

MUJI store is located at Atrium on Bay in Toronto, 20 Dundas Street West.

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