REEL ASIAN Film Fest presents Port of Call

Port of Call is riveting true story of a young high school student, Jiamei (Jesse Li) who was so desperate to find love, but falls into darkness of the wrong side of things and ends up being a sixteen year old prostitute so she can earn the finer things in life.

This story is simultaneously told with the police officer, (Aaron Kwok) in investigating this murder, as he tries to piece together what happened before they discovered the tragedy of Jiamei’s headless corpse.

The movie is told in a way that weaves back and forth with present day and past that a butcher turned client took into his own hands to hack Jiamei. The story has many twists and turns, that it goes from being warm and playful to distinctly graphic.

We see Jiamei’s life unfold as she was aspiring to make money to be a famous model. Unfortunately life is not always easy, and she fell into prostitution to afford the finer things in life.

Director and writer Philip Yung shows the disturbing underbelly of the darker side of a sex worker. The girl was desperately seeking solace and happiness in her hard life.

The ending takes an unexpected turn where it is somewhat categorized us happy, (as bizarre as it sounds). You are going to need to judge for yourself. The cinematography was en pointe, and the story was deeply disturbing as this is loosely based on a true story in Hong Kong.

It’s coming to Reel Asian Film Fest with director Philip Yung commentating.
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