Detoxing My Mind at the H2O Float Spa

I’ve been eyeing the float spas for a while and finally had a chance to try one recently. I decided to try out the H2O Float Spa that’s located in Toronto on the Danforth just steps from Broadview subway stations. To be honest with you, the thought of being in a pod had held me back. I found out I wasn’t the only one who hesitated.

When I had visited the spa I was given a tour by the owner, Shelley. A lovely woman who welcomed me and explained the therapeutic benefits to this experience. Apparently many people of all varying ages and sizes gravitate to this type of health and wellness treatment for such things as sports therapy, joint pains, circulation, skin rejuvenation and great for a mental detox & cleanse..YES! That’s what I really, really want! A mental cleanse.

There are actually two types of float rooms here. Yes, the pod like vessel where you can close yourself into a cocoon like encasement or an open air one with no closures. I opted for the pod to get the full experience. Yes, I was worried that I couldn’t get out (claustrophobia is real for many) but when had visited, I was surprised that the pod was actually larger than I had envisioned in my mind…or what I thought I had seen in photos. It may also be that I’m shorter than who was photographed previously.

The pod itself doesn’t lock but you do need it to be closed in order for the temperature to be at the right levels. Mood lighting in the pod can be adjusted to whatever you prefer from soothing blues and greens or pitch black and everything in between. I tried all of them and preferred the blues and greens. The black out made me panic not knowing where anything was. Inside the pod there was a shelf with a towel and spray bottle in case you need it. I had also took advantage of using an inflatable pillow so I could keep my head afloat. Some people can relax enough to let their head float naturally. I’m not one of those people. In fact, I’m not good at floating overall anyway.  Did I mention that I don’t know how to swim?

H2O Float SpaThat was actually the first thing I had asked. The owner mentioned that I didn’t need to know how to swim but it may take a bit for me to adjust to the sensation of floating. And she was right but once I got the hang of it, I was in float heaven.

One session lasts about 1 hour to get the full benefits of the float. You can bring an iPod to connect to the sound system to listen to your own playlist or be in complete silence. For my first time I felt like I needed something as I knew it would be hard to calm my mind. The owner mentioned that often first timers are there to get use to the sensation and how the body can adjust to this water therapy but it gets easier each time you go. Some people adjust immediately. About half-hour into my session I was bored with myself and started to actually feel a bit oozy. Was it a feeling of total calmness? Or was I feeling a bit queasy like motion sickness from floating. Like I said, I’m not use to that sensation so I just sat up inside the pod and opened up the pod door for a bit and then closed it again once I got my focus back. It was still soothing.

When I decided to get out of the pod I quickly took a shower (located in the room) to wash off  the epsom salt – if you don’t, you’ll notice it starting to crust on your skin and hair. But after that, my skin and my hair was so soft it was incredible.

When I left the treatment room I was offered a cup of ginger tea and I just wanted to go to sleep. I guess it really calmed me down. I wasn’t sure if my mind was detoxed, I probably should go back, but I do know that on that night I had the best sleep ever.

What you need to know…

H2O Float Spa is Toronto’s first Float Spa and is located at 138 Danforth Avenue. There are two Pod suites where the temperature of the water and air are maintained at a constant 34 degrees celsius. There are two custom-designed private open concept float suites with tubs that can accommodate couples as well.

Each float tub and pod contains over 1000 lbs of the highest quality Epsom Salt that is dissolved in 10 inches of water that circulates and filters 24/7.



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