ROM Friday Night Live Was Made For Foodies

Say it with me, TGIF.

When Friday rolls around, you know I’m a happy camper. You’ve all worked hard during the week, you deserve a night out of fun!

One of my favourite ways to spend a Friday is to head over to the ROM for their Friday Night Live (FNLROM) party.

Last season, I was invited to FNLROM for a birthday celebration. I had so much fun and ate so many delicious things, that I couldn’t wait to go again this season.

FNLROM. Photo Credit: Justine Y.

FNLROM is back again for its eighth season, with 11 new food vendors (drools). If you’ve never been, the night is all about the live music, DJs, food and drinks, and the chance to experience the Museum and its galleries and exhibits like never before. Every Friday, between 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. while FNLROM is running, you can go to party it up in the ROM with your friends.

FNLROM. Photo Credit: Justine Y. So now, back to the food. I was lucky enough to be invited to the food tasting event, just before the doors opened at a recent Friday night, so I got to try almost everything. Here are the highlights for just a few of my favourites from the night.

Rachel’s Gourmet Gone Wild

I had an Ostrich Slider topped with a garlic aioli sauce and baby arugula, with a side of slaw. I cannot even begin to describe how much I enjoyed this. I thought that the flavour of the ostrich was a little gamey, but I actually really like that taste. The slaw was a really nice pairing because it was light and a little sweet.

FNLROM. Photo credit: Justine Y.Dishum Dishum

I ordered a Chicken Curry Taco, which was topped with tomato salsa, cilantro chutney, sour cream and spicy chickpea crisps. I don’t really handle spicy food very well, so this was a little too hot for my palate, but I still enjoyed it (surprisingly). As I took the first bite, it was like there was a flavour explosion in my mouth. I thought that the balance of sweet and spicy was nice, and it was also really fresh.


I tried the Salmon Tartare Cup, which had fresh Atlantic salmon, tempura bits, EDO dynamite sauce, avocado and rice. I was expecting the dynamite sauce to punch my taste buds, but it was actually really mild and had a nice flavour. I really liked the different textures of the soft salmon and avocado with the crunch of the tempura bits.

FNLROM. Photo credit: Justine YCrème Caramel

Of course I had the Crème Caramel, but I also had the Blueberries Clafoutis. I have a sweet tooth, and everything was so scrumptious. If I hadn’t been so full, I would have tried the Crepes filled with fleur de sel caramel sauce too, they looked amazing.

Are you hungry yet?

Well then don’t miss your chance to dance with the dinosaurs and try these incredible vendors yourself; season eight of the FNLROM is only running until November 27. Each week has a different theme.

Visit for more details. Follow the party on social #FNLROM 

~ Justine

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