8 Delicious Reasons to Hoard Haw Flakes

Many of us grew up eating haw flakes. We all remember the little red sweet discs secured in the round paper cylinder casings — sometimes having to peel that paper wrapper away was a challenge and we would end up eating that as well. I remember eating a few in one seating and my parents didn’t seem to mind. It was our version of a fruit leather only it was drier and cuter. I loved them so much that my mom had affectionally nick-named me “sang sah bang”. I’m not kidding!

Haw flakes continue to be available in asian supermarkets today only the paper wrapping is being replaced by foil. The candies are made from the Chinese hawthorn berries, sugar, and water. I’ve noticed more variety from the traditional packaging with slightly bigger discs offered now in the supermarkets and chinese candy shops.

Growing up I discovered that eating haw flakes straight up wasn’t the only way to enjoy them. Here’s what else you can do with them…

1.Make Haw Flake Tea: Drop a couple of discs into a cup and pour boiled water in. Let it steep for a light soothing drink. It makes for a great after meal digestive or warm up on a cold day.

2. Lose Weight? not sure if it’s one of those old wives tales but I’ve been told that hawthorne berries help your body loosen up water retention. Eatem’ up!

3. Fruity Cocktails: crush a few and add to your next fruity alcoholic (or non) for added texture and flavour. Great in strawberry daquiris, or something like a vodka cranberry soda.

4. Meatballs: crush them and add to your honey garlic meatball recipe for a tangy twist.

5. Ice cream topping. Need I say more? Maybe with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

6. Cake! We found this Strawberry Haw Flakes Layer Cake on wendyinkk.blogspot.ca that looks delicious and we may just need to invest in a case of the little treats to make several.

7. Butter cookies: use your go-to recipe commonly known as ice-box  cookies as you would roll the dough into a tube like form and keep it in the fridge to harden up before slicing and baking. While you’re completing the dough add the haw flake discs before forming the tube. Then when you slice it will give you a great look. This basic cookie recipe is good from joyofbaking.com (just swap out the candied cherries for haw flakes.

8. BBQ Pork and Brie with Haw Flakes quesadilla. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve used BBQ pork with brie and grill the quesadillas for a delicious appetizer or lunch, so now try with a few haw flakes in between the cheese and pork for a nice and light sweet finish… Or that leftover turkey turned into a sandwich this weekend? Yep, and by the way, crushed haw flakes and stuffing totally works!

Let us know how else you’ve enjoyed in Haw Flakes!



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