Love Me Sweet Bakery’s Japanese Style Cheesecake Review

Specializing in Japanese style cheesecakes, Love Me Sweet Bakery had their soft opening two weeks ago, but their grand opening will be this Saturday, February 27th at 2pm. (By the way, they will be giving away free cheesecakes to the first 100 people). The Mayor of Markham will be there, along with Photo Booth fun and of course, delicious light and airy cheesecakes! I had a chance to try the cheesecakes recently at a foodie media event hosted by Patrick aka @feedmyphone. Currently they are offering two flavours: original and chocolate. Coffee beverages and coffee flavoured cheesecakes will be added to their menu soon.

Originally from Taiwan, the owner Hao wanted to bring healthier cakes to Canada.  All their cheesecakes are made from 100% natural ingredients, each made with love and just like their motto, Love Me Sweet wanted to share their concept of “Love” to everyone.  Hao tells his employees that when we take from society, we should give back to society and he is true to his word.  He recently donated many cakes to the community to raise funds for the recent earthquake in Tainan, Taiwan.  His philosophy is evident in the friendly staff and in the quality of his cakes because he takes pride in his work.

Love Me Sweet Bakery. Photo Credit: Carol F

What I loved about Love Me Sweet Bakery:

1) Location. Finally something for us suburbanites who don’t want to venture downtown for Japanese Cheesecake. There’s lots of underground parking too.

2) Wall Art. It’s the first thing you notice when you step through the doors (besides the delicious smell of cheesecakes that lovingly envelopes the quaint space) is an entire wall of whimsical (and comical) mugshot plaques.  LMS tells me that the idea behind their art wall is based on “Love” and “simple life” and this wall is a reminder to stop and enjoy the things we love in our lives (like their cheesecakes!)

Love Me Sweet Bakery. Photo Credit: Carol F

3) CHEESECAKES! Japanese cheesecakes differ from traditional American-style cheesecakes in both texture and taste. Japanese cheesecakes are light, airy and not overly sweet. If you tried Japanese cheesecakes at another bakery with long lineups and wasn’t too impressed (like I was) then you’ll notice that LMS’s flavours are more pronounced. There is definitely more cream cheese flavour coming through and their chocolate version is equally as delicious with lots of cocoa flavour.  If you want a bite (or two or three or so!) of pillowy clouds, then LMS cheesecakes are for you!

Love Me Sweet Bakery. Photo Credit: Carol F

Love Me Sweet Bakery is located at 7181 Yonge Street, Unit 16 just next to the main entrance of Shops on Yonge. Hours of operation is Mon-Thurs 11am to 9pm; Fri-Sun 10am to 9pm. Their cheesecakes are $10 for the original, and $10.25 for the chocolate (and I’ve been told without the long lineups!). Don’t forget to check out their Grand Opening this Saturday, February 27th!

Love Me Sweet Bakery. Photo Credit: Carol F

Thank you to Patrick @feedmyphone for inviting me to this delicious event!

~Carol (aka @bakingzen)

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