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I’ve been fortunate that this “job” has offered me the opportunity to eat my way through my daily and travel journeys. As a blogger who enjoys food and drink I get a chance to not only check out the newest restaurant openings, hottest menus, and meet with some of the most inspiring chefs, but I’ve also made a few new friends along the way. Many people want insight into what we do and how we got here. Why? Well, people always tell us “You have my dream job!”

Yes, it’s a dream to be able to turn a passion into something more. I recently asked a few food bloggers and Instagrammers friends about their experience so far. I was going to do a full list but they’ve all been so generous with their time, I feel it’s only fair to give each one their own profile (plus this post would go on and on lol)

The first profile is Alex aka @hypebelly

When I first met Alex we were at a very intimate food event (of course)  downtown Toronto. Along with 10 die-hard food lovers it was apparent that he, along with the others, took their passion for delicious food and photography seriously. I knew we would become friends the moment I met him. His photography is rich in colour and gets me drooling all the time. His attention to lighting is beyond spectacular.

hypebelly on instagram

When and why did you start instagramming food pics?

I started instagramming food a few years ago. my account didn’t start off to be all food related but as I got more interested in photography the subject of food became the focus – probably since we have to eat everyday? It just seemed like the right subject!

Do you have a day job?

I have always been drawn to the creative arts so I decided to study architecture in university thinking that this would be the perfect career – creating art for a living! Yeah, right was I wrong, since I ended up on the business/management side of things now working in construction project management. So when IG came along it gave me back that creative outlet through food photography.

What’s your equipment of choice?

I currently shoot with a Canon T3i using their 50mm f1.8 lens.

What one tip you can give us on capturing the best shot? 

One tip I tell everyone is to just to shoot everyday in order to understand all situations.  Even if its a bad shot you can learn from that moment and understand what went wrong and what you should try out next time.

Have your posts led you to other opportunities?

Yes, my posts have led to invited photo-shoots one recent one is with Toronto Men’s Fashion Week in coloaboration with Reds Restaurants as well as hired shoots with restaurants across the city. Recently I was also featured in BlogTO’s post on 15 Toronto Food Photographers to follow on Instagram.

In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to work with and collaborate with my good friend Chef Nate Tasty from the Home of the Brave on a exciting side project on an up and coming app called Record Mob which showcases Indy music.  With our collaboration I’ve been able to explore videography as we cover music and the food scene in and around the city on his channel (download the app and check us out!) We recently had the opportunity to cover the Hillside Music Festival along with the foodscene in Guelph and recently we flew down to Austin, Texas to cover SXSW as well as Austin’s food scene.

Photo courtesy of @hypebelly

What advice would you give someone who wants your insta life?

To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of people/accounts doing this for the wrong reasons – sure events are fun and getting some swag is cool but my advice would be do it because you have a passion for it and this will show through and out weight any temporal rewards.

What you’d want people to know about being a food instagrammer?

You gotta eat and try everything and explore!!!

The hardest shot you had to take?

Mildred’s pancake shot.

Your favourite food shot(s) so far?

la carnita corn shot, Old School pancake shot, Kitaro salad shot

Name your restaurant bucket list.

Currently noma, alinea, Sukiyabashi Jiro


Follow Alex on Instagram @hypebelly

Stay tuned as I’ll be featuring a few of my other favourite Foodies over the coming weeks!



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