Dolce 21 Dessert House Review

Where to go for dessert in such a huge city like Toronto can be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for something unique. Located just steps north of Steeles Avenue East and Kennedy Road inside Pacific Mall, a mecca for all things Asian, is a quaint little dessert shop, Dolce 21 Dessert House. The corridors of the mall’s main floor are named after streets in Hong Kong and at the corner of Nathan Avenue and 138th Street* is where you will find married couple Philip and Lili, the creative force and owners of Dolce 21. This dynamic duo crafts and customizes each dessert to your taste and preference.

Dolce 21 opened their doors just this past December on Boxing Day and already their signature dessert have inundated Instagram posts of their soft serve matcha or Tiffany vanilla ice cream topped with a towering cloud of uniquely flavoured cotton candy.

Forget the overly saccharine and crystallized carnival blue and pink varieties, Dolce 21 offers sophisticated flavours like lychee, mango, pineapple, banana, chocolate and cheesecake. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you…it’s not a typo…CHEESECAKE candy floss! Besides the incredible flavours, Dolce 21’s version is ever so light and airy and their thinly spun sugar is like delicate strands of fairy dust! Philip tells me that they change up their cotton candy flavours from time to time.

Dolce 21 Dessert House. Photo credit: Carol F.


Not a fan of cotton candy to top off your ice cream? Dolce 21 offers up a plethora of other toppings like fresh honeycomb that comes from a local bee farm, candied popcorn, Japanese red bean mochi or matcha mochi and even Pocky sticks or Koala cookies (chocolate cream filled biscuits).

Let’s not ignore their incredible drink menu! Dolce 21 has premium coffee offerings. I got a chance to taste test their Rosey Latte, which is a latte sweetened with honey and rose petals. My sampling was a tad too sweet, but Philip assures me that he can adjust the sweetness level for all customers’ tastebuds.

On their Candy Shake Shake (milkshake) menu, there are options like Ferrero Rocher (my fave!), Maltesers, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Japanese Roasted Coffee and even Lychee. However, if milkshakes and ice cream are not your thing, there are detox juices. I sampled Sweet & Sour (grape and lemon) and it was refreshing, palate cleansing and not too tart.  There are vegetable based juices too like their Greenies (cucumber, green pepper, green apple, celery, bitter melon) and Green Day (cucumber, pineapple, green pepper, apple, broccoli) drinks.

Dolce 21 Dessert House. Photo credit: Carol F.

I know my kids will love Dolce 21 Dessert House and creating their own crazy desserts! I can’t wait to come back for the cheesecake cotton candy. Yes, definitely get the cheesecake cotton candy! By the way, last month BlogTO ranked their top 5 dessert places in Toronto and Dolce 21 Dessert House has already made it on their list.

~ Carol (aka @bakingzen)


*Note: to find Dolce 21 Dessert House can be a confusing.  If you enter through the main doors off of Steeles Ave, Dolce 21 is on the far right aisle.

Dolce 21 Dessert House – 4300 Steeles Ave. East, Unit B35A, Markham

Thanks again to Patrick @feedmyphone for inviting me to this sweet event!

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