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If you haven’t met Rosalyn Macaron on Instagram yet be prepared to drool over her delicious images. As this week’s featured IG, we think she’s got an incredible eye and her feed is a stand out amongst the zillions of instagrammer out there. We had a chance to check in with Rosaalyn recently to chat!

When and why did you start instagramming food pics?

I started really instagramming food pictures about a year and a half ago. I have always loved photography but it was not until finding Instagram that I started photographing food.

Photo courtesy of Rosaalyn via Instagram

Do you have a day job?

Currently, I’m pursuing a postgraduate degree for digital media marketing

What’s your equipment of choice?

I pretty much just shoot with my iPhone. DSLR’s are so heavy to carry around. I applaud those who shoot with DSLR’s though.

What’s the one tip you can give us on capturing the best shot?

Lighting, lighting, lighting! I can’t stress it enough. It really can make or break your picture.

Photo courtesy of Rosaalyn via Instagram

Have your posts led you to other opportunities?

I have been fortunate enough to attend a few events here and there. I’m hoping it will one day lead to a full time career. It would be pretty awesome if I could travel and photograph food and products for people.

Your favourite food shot so far?

I tend to enjoy my dessert pictures the most. Whether it be macarons, eclairs, or soft serve. I have a big sweet tooth so going back and looking at those pictures always make me happy.

Name your restaurant bucketlist?

I feel like there are so many out there but I haven’t heard of them yet. I would just love to wander the world and discover new ones that may not even have been recognized yet. Off the top of my head though, I’ll just say Aqua S in Australia because those cones look delightful.

Photo courtesy of Rosaalyn via Instagram



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