An Epic Dim Sum Showdown: 20 Foodies Versus 111 Dishes

Do you have a food bucket list? Maybe it’s to slurp raw oysters? Or nibble on a fried tarantula (um, no thank you)? Or simply to order EVERYTHING on a dim sum menu? As insane as that sounds (talking about the dim sum, though fried spiders is pretty crazy too) that’s what a group of 20 dim sum lovers set out to do one weekend.

Recently 20 foodies and instagrammers thought it would be a brilliant idea to get together for dim sum and order every single item on the menu and aim to consume 120 dishes between us all, a number we quickly realized was too ambitious and revised our goal. Thus, the Epic Dim Sum Showdown was born! This amazing dim sum feast took place at Yang’s Chinese Cuisine in Richmond Hill where they had a table big enough to accommodate 20 people very comfortably. I’m not sure what was more impressive: the largest lazy susan I’ve ever had to spin (good arm workout) or the largest display of dim sum at a table all at once!

Photo credit: Carol F. for AZNmodern

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a single beautiful shot of all 111 dishes on the table since bamboo basket after bamboo basket kept flowing out of the kitchen at various times. After a certain point of snapping picture after picture and posting it out on social media, we had to eat. Food was getting cold, and most of us had skipped breakfast and were getting deliriously hungry.

Photo credit: Carol F. for AZNmodern

The dim sum selection was amazing. There were truffles rice noodle rolls, foie gras ha-gow (shrimp dumplings), and plump scallop dumplings and even beef tripe served over a candle (fancy!). The green onion pancake was the size of a dinner plate and one of my favourites was the bolo bao (pineapple bun) stuffed with cha-sui (sweet bbq pork) complete with the crunchy crumbly topping. The hubby loved the flaky curry stuffed pastry and the usual suspects of ha-gow and sui mai (another type of pork dumpling). I’m pretty sure I didn’t even get to try half of the dim sum selections like 5-spiced beef tendons, stuffed bittermelon, and lava custard filled steamed buns. In the end, we were beyond stuffed; a picture of gluttony and content. We still managed to polish off the meal with piping hot daan taat (egg tarts) for dessert.

Photo credit: Carol F. for AZNmodern

So who won this Epic Dim Sum Showdown? Sadly 20 IGers lost, but we will not be defeated because there will be another epic re-match in the future!

What was the most epic meal you’ve had? I’d love to hear your food adventure.  Please share in the comments below or tweet them out to me! To see more of our epic food adventure, search #EpicDimSumShowdown on Instagram.

~ Carol (aka. @bakingzen)


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