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I met Patrick (aka @FeedMyPhone) at a food event like how I meet many  bloggers and instagrammers in this crazy life. And as usual at the events we started “following” each other. Patrick is a true food lover and he’s interested in not just the big splashy openings of the much anticipated hotspots but also the hidden gems at home and wherever he travels. He sniffs out the some of the more curious places but always seems to have something unique and within days (maybe even hours) I go running because he hasn’t let me down yet.

I checked in with Patrick recently to find out what life is like for him ever since he’s been feeding his phone… and helping my non-existing diet.

Instagram photo courtesy of FeedMyPhone

When and why did you start instagramming food pics?

I decided to Instagram food pics simply for the love of eating near the end of the summer of 2014 (July). Besides, I was already sharing about my foodventures on my personal accounts (Instagram & Facebook) anyway. It was actually through meeting two fellow food IGers Alex (@hypebelly) and Hubert (@goodfoodtoronto) at an event who saw my “eating potential” if you will that really encouraged me to start Feed My Phone in the first place.

What’s your equipment of choice? 

My phone is my weapon of choice, as ironically as my Instagram handle suggests. I captured most of my foodporn with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and recently switched to the LG G4 for 2016.

What one tip you can give us on capturing the best shot?

All it takes to capture a great shot would be natural day light and of course, steady hands.

Photo credit; Patrick aka FeedMyPhone on Instagram

Has your posts led you to other opportunities?

The amount of opportunities has been pretty surreal such as the chance to meet with fellow IGers offline (some might call it an InstaMeet), working with Air Canada to launch their new menu and helping organize food-filled parties.

What would you want people to know about being a food instagrammer?

Don’t worry what your table mates may think. If they’re eating with a food IGer they better prepare to eat food cold. Do it all for the gram…even if it means standing on a chair to get that aerial shot.

The hardest shot you had to take?

The hardest shots are when I attend events. With so many food vendors and places to ‘feed my phone’ it really comes down to being a one shot wonder. You’ve only got two hands! The key here is having a couple friends as your sidekick.

So, who’s hungry now?????


Photo credit; Patrick aka FeedMyPhone on Instagram

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