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During my outings I often meet some pretty interesting people and it seems that I tend to gravitate to food lovers. Just over a year ago I was mapping out my stops on Macaron Day when I had first met Jen Chan aka foodpr0n. We seemed to have been on the same macaron trail in one neighbourhood.  I was completely in awe within mere minutes of chatting  about the shops and the goods. We started noticing each other at food events and soon became friends. She’s no food snob but from over the year of getting to know Jen, I’ve come to realize that there’s a whole other level of foodies in this city that are passionate to not only eat but to also support the talented chefs here and abroad. She’s not like the many bloggers that I’ve met on the scene — if you’ve ever come across her food blog you can clearly tell that she knows what she’s talking about. Even on Macaron Day I was completely in love with her comparisons of crunch, texture, flavours and “foots”of macarons – a rarity to hear when I talk to so-called foodies out on the scene who can only tell me that they think  “macaroons are so sweet and yummy” and that’s it. Sigh.

When I got to know Jen more and more I couldn’t help but to daydream as she described her travels –she was just about to take a trip to Malaysia and I was ready to pack my bags and escape with her as she mentioned that the trip was to learn more of the traditional cooking methods from her family. And when I had mentioned that I was going on a Croissant Day buying spree she happily met me early to join in the fun, of course, it was right before she ventured to a dumpling making afternoon with her friends. I also blame Jen for my addiction to Caneles. That’s another story.

So, when I asked her if I could feature her my weekly Foodie IG profile series I was happy that she agreed.

Photo courtesy of Jen Chan aka foodpr0n

When and why did you start instagramming food pics?

My first post was May 30th, 2011 and it was food (surprise!). That was about 1300 photos ago.

What’s your equipment of choice?

I’ve been using the Canon S-series for over a decade now as my main camera. It’s got all the manual settings in a compact body. Clearly there are limitations, but since I mainly shoot macro shots in low light, this works well enough for me while still being circumspect in public environments.

Photo courtesy of Jen Chan aka foodpr0n

What one tip you can give us on capturing the best shot?

Lots of indirect light is the best. I find I get the best photos with the least effort during lunch. Usually near, but not right next to, a window.

Has your posts led you to other opportunities?

Nothing crazy, but I did a walking tour over the summer, an Instagram takeover of Williams Sonoma last May and I hosted a photo demo class in Niagara this past March.

Photo courtesy of Jen Chan aka foodpr0n

What you’d want people to know about being a food instagrammer?

Mostly to respect those around you when you’re taking photos. I know we all love getting the perfect shot, but in public situations like at restaurants and events, you’re not the only one trying to enjoy themselves. So a bit of awareness is key and sometimes, you need to put the camera away.

The hardest shot you had to take? (e.g. mine was a breakfast sausage with polenta  lol)

Most of the time, I can make do. However, my kryptonite is Chinese banquet dishes. I’m never motivated to shoot and even when I do, it’s rare that I feel that they’re remotely nice enough to post.

Your favourite food shot(s) so far?

I was asked by the organizers of Curryfest to shoot and do some social media for them. That yielded the best photos in-situ to-date. By far, my favourite of the day was this overhead shot of all the dishes with a bunch of people reaching in to eat. Fun shoot.

Another fun one was Macaron Day last year. That was so impromptu and why I needed to by 40 macarons with only me to eat… well, I got some colourful photos! Also: met you!

jenchanportraits_nov2013-4401_editsq_1500YES!!! Okay, name your restaurant bucket list?

NOMA. Fogo Island. Zumbo. But also delicious street food anywhere.

Thanks soooo much Jen! See you soon!


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