How The Samsung Galaxy S7 Makes Me Hungry

I’ve joked with my friends about how we eat with our phones first. We sometimes get so excited about a great dish or we’ve just lined up for the hottest new food craze and we. just. have. to. share. it. like. now.

Thanks to social media sharing apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, we can show everyone what we’re eating right now. It’s become such an obsession for many around the world and so mainstream that even my own mother has jumped on the bandwagon.

For food lovers sharing our meals virtually also means ensuring that we have the best images possible and for many of us we are discovering that our mobile devices are delivering drool-worthy photos better than ever before. Sure you can filter and adjust every aspect of your photo with apps. But when a recent Samsung Galaxy S7 ad touted a “food mode” setting as a camera feature, you know it caught my attention faster than I can slurp down a bowl of ramen!

Ramen at Santouka, Toronto.

Shiyo Ramen with Pork Belly (of course)  at Santouka, Toronto.

So, I decided to test out the unique feature recently to see for myself.

From what I understand, the Food Mode was an option on the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 (so if you’ve got one of those, go into the Samsung app store and download it for free). But in the more recent Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models it’s included right from the get go. In fact, there are several new and improved camera modes and functions that are fun to play around with.

Okay, but I really wanted to focus on the Food Mode in this post. Easy enough to locate within the camera function. Tap on MODE located on the bottom left corner and the option will appear. Then tap on the screen to where you’d like to focus and a circular frame tells you where the focal point of the image will be. Outside of the area will gradually blur.  This is an exceptional feature that helps focus on details and take more vivid colour images. If you want to play around with the colours and tones, there are those options as well. But seriously, the images are quite delicious.

If you’re hoping to nab that latest Netflix opportunity to be the official an Food Instagrammer  for the next season of Chef’s Table, or you’re trying to grab the attention of some restaurants, this may be the right “lens” for you. Wait. What? I know.

Yes, you can take your foodporn to the next level.

All the scrumptious images in this post were taken on the Samsung Galaxy S7. By the way, I didn’t adjust a thing. No filters. No photoshop. Nothing has been touched on the photos so you can see the quality yourself.

French Toast at One Restaurant.

French Toast at One Restaurant, Hazelton Hotel, Toronto.

Chicken Kebab at Diwan Patio & Restaurant, Aga Khan Museum. Toronto.

Chicken Kebab at Diwan Patio & Restaurant, Aga Khan Museum. Toronto.

Gam ja tang (Korean pork bone & potato soup). Metropolitan Cafe, Bay & Cumberland. Toronto.

Gam Ja Tang (Korean pork bone & potato soup). Metropolitan Cafe, Bay & Cumberland,Toronto.








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