3 Essential Oils That You Need Now

I’ve been learning more and more about the benefits of using essential oils and some have become my go-to’s for so many reasons. But what is an essential oil? According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, an essential oil is a product made by the distillation (usually steam or water), expression (or cold pressing) or maceration and distillation that is usually done with plants in this case. The oil is a concentrate from the plant from which they are extracted.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and known for their spiritual and uplifting properties. Just close your eyes and smell the rind of an orange and see how it can revive you or see how lavender can calm you down. They are nature’s gifts and I’m finding some pretty amazing ways to use essential oils in beauty, first aid, and even cleaning.

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Here are my favourite three essential oils that I always have on hand and why they are perfect for home and your summer travels away or to the cottage. ..


It’s a great first aid treament and can be used on bug bites. But some will also tell you that tea tree oil also helps repel pests and bugs. Grab a small spray bottle fill it up with water and add 15-20 drops and spray bed sheets, doorways, window panes and even on the nape of the neck.

It’s effective against various bacteria and great to treat acne. Tea tree oil helps, clean pores, reduce redness and doesn’t dry out skin. Dilute in water like above and spray onto cotton ball to wipe face. Can also be used to clean wounds and cuts.

Mix a little with water in a spray bottle and you’ve got a natural shoe deodorizer.

As an all-purpose cleaner for counter tops, mix 20 drops of tea tree oil with 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup white vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray on counters and wipe with clean paper towels or cloths.


helps refreshen and eliminate odors in the car on those long road trips. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it where the car’s fan/vent is.

Eucalyptus also offers temporary pain relief to muscle aches (a few drops mixed with vegetable oil makes a great massage oil).

It will also help remove stains on clothes but dabbing it on before putting clothes in the wash.

Great for cold and flu season. Add a few drops in the bath or spray into the corners of the shower to let the hot steam carry the soothing scent.


De-stress from your day and add this to unscented moisturizers or to your bath.

Apply a few drops to your temples to help relieve anxiety for the day.

An all natural sleep aid. Safe for linens to spritz for the best night’s sleep.

If you suffer from eczema or dermatitis mix a few drops with coconut oil or vegetable oil and run on skin to soothe irritation.

Lavender oil can also be used as a make up brush cleaner as it helps to naturally disinfects. Add 6 drops of Tea Tree Oil, 4 drops Lavender Oil to 60 mL of water in a spray bottle. Spray onto brushes then brush off with tissue.

If you have one of those nifty vaporizers adding a few drops to the steaming water helps fill a room with a sleepy blissful scent.

The essential oils I get come in small bottles in 100% pure form. A great one is a company called Thursday Plantation. Thye’ve been around for almost 40 years. I like them becaues their products don’t contain any parabens or chemicals.

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