Favourite Tennis Looks On and Off Court

When we look at summer styles there are some classics that can’t be beat on or off the court. Yes, I’m talking about tennis ! I had a chat with a friend the other day as we both will be attending the Rogers Cup ths week to watch a few matches with well-known and up-and-coming atheletes, but what does one wear?

In Canada, we don’t have to wear such prim and proper attire like the spectators do at Wimbledon. Unless you want to, of course. But it’s a sporting event and we say  just be comfortable and stay looking sharp.

Lacoste SS16

For attending tennis events I often favour a stylish and fresh look that is youthful yet classy. Cotton is choice as it helps keep us cool in the sun.


When you’re looking styles on court or for casual weekend wear, you’ll often hear about the word piqué associated with the fabric. What does it mean? Piqué (pi-kay) is a staple in the sportswear industry and more so in tennis and golf. It’s used to describe the weaving style used with cotton yarn. The patterns of fine ribbing or cording offering a great drape — meaning it falls super nice on any body type.

You’ll often find piqué in polo shirts and dresses and with recent technology, fabric manufacturers have been able to refine cotton with the use of lightweight pima cotton that is softer.

Rene Lacoste Of course Lacoste has historically been associated with the game. Rene Lacoste was a tennis player himself and was number one in the world winning seven Grand Slam championship tournaments. But he found the tennis attire to be too restrictive. He created the Lacoste Polo Shirt after he noticed the shirt’s practicality for Polo players and noticed the practicality of it when he saw a friend wearing one and tried it out himself.

Soon, he made a few adjustments like incorporating a “tennis tail” to help keep the shirt tucked in, unstarched collar and button opened neckline and in 1926 he wore the shirt at the U.S. Open in New York City.

And what about the crocodile? Rene Lacoste was called the alligator by the press and the fans in the US. When he returned to France, he was soon nicknamed “the crocodile”.

Today, the brand has an extensive line beyond the classic and iconic polo shirt. Lacoste is filled with gorgeous and everlasting colours, updated detailing and still flattering cuts. The line has extended to footwear, handbags and other accessories as well. Perfect for tennis whether you’re playing or watching! Game on!


Lacoste SS16

Lacoste SS16


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