Chinese Valentine’s Day with Rado and Tang Wei

Falling on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month on the Lunar Calendar, Chinese Valentine’s Day is acknowledged in many ways. This year, it occurs on August 9, 2016. Like how we often celebrate it here in the western countries, lovers exchange gifts and tokens of love on this day.

According to legend, the day of love began with a young field worker boy named Niu Lang  who, with the help of his working ox with magical powers, finds the beautiful Zhi Nu bathing in the lake with her sisters. The seven sisters also happen to be the daughters of the Goddess of Heaven. The two fell in love immediately and quickly married. But the Goddess of Heaven wasn’t happy and ordered her daughter back to heaven. With the help of his ox he went up to heaven to look for Zhi Nu but the Goddess wasn’t thrilled so she created the Milky Way to separate them for good.

Local birds (magpies) knew the love was real so once a year, they flew in formation to create a bridge in the sky so the two lovers could meet.

Rado brand ambassador and A-list actress Tang Wei recently debuted the Centrix Open Heart at the launch of the world’s largest Rado boutique located in the heart of downtown Beijing. To help her tell the story of this unique east-meets-west timepiece, Tang Wei was joined by Chinese artist Tango, who created a live illustration uniting both the watch and the romantic legend behind it.

Artwork by Tango. Photo courtesy of Rado

The unique shape of the Rado Centrix ladies diamond-studded dial was inspired by imagery of the romantic legend behind Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as the Night of Sevens “Qi Xi” or the Magpie Festival. Designed with a pulsating open heart to celebrate love, it’s a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift!

Rado Watches. Centrix Open HeartThe watch is stainless steel with a transparent Sapphire case back and  includes 7 diamonds (0.027 carat), 5 diamonds (0.010 carat).

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