All-star cast featured in Beats by Dre’s new “Got No Strings” Ad

A new ad just dropped by Beats by Dre to show us the we don’t need to be held down by strings in our lives. “Got No Strings”  spot features an all-star cast including Pharrell, DJKaled, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, William Chan, Miyavi, Sayo, Rebel Wilson, Amber Rose, Michael Phelps with his adorable new baby (awwwwww) and many more. All showing how life moves on with the option of being wireless.

I just set up my iPhone 7 plus phone the other day and found the controversy about the “no headphone jack” is addressed for those who are still in love with their headphones. No worries, an adaptor is included with the new device. But I admit that I had already converted to the option of using wireless headphones two years ago. Why? Because I don’t need wires dangling to show the world I’m listening to tunes on public transit and because when I’m on the move I don’t need wires to be in my way. Plus detangling wires? ’nuff said.

The new ad shows three new headphone models: Beats Solo3 Wireless, Beatsx and Powerbeats3 Wireless.

Watch and see how many faces you recognize in this feel-good song from Disney’s Pinocchio …








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