Netflix Halloween Watch List & Demogorgon Pie

We’ve got our list of what to stream on Netflix this weekend when the lights are low and the wind is howling. Walking Dead anyone? If you’re really into being effing freaked out of your skin then check out #Horror, Hatchet III, Hush Sinister, You’re Next and Texas Chainsaw.

Not scared enough? Okay, here are some other movies to get you into the spirit of the weekend leading up to Halloween… as for me, I’ll be watching Dreamworks’ Spooky Stories because I cherish my sleep.

For a good spook:  Poltergeist, The Awakening, Oculus and Paranormal Activity 5, and Black Mirror.

For down and dirty evilness:  The Lords of Salem, The Witch, Witching & Bitching.

For those who want to be reminded about Satan’s charm: Deliver Us From Evil, Annabelle, Child’s Play II & III, and the Possession.

For the Zombie lovers: Dawn of the Dead, Maggie, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

And if you’ve offered to bring food to a party … We’ve got this awesome pie recipe to share from our friends at Stranger Things.

Eat the pie or be eaten by the pie. Enjoy.

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