Fete Chinoise Modern Touches for Traditional Celebrations

Last year I had the opportunity to attend the beautiful Fete Chinoise event at the Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto and hosted by Palettera. It was a luxurious showcase of some of the most talented wedding and celebration partners the city has to offer. Many bridal parties were in attendance and the event was highly inspirational. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive that the event will return this November 19, 2016.

The showcase event features 9 spaces for visitors to explore. Each room is themed from food, beauty, fashion, photography, event planners, hair and make up experts, art, decor, and all with Chinese celebrations in mind. Traditions and customs blend in with modern touches. Some of this year’s participants and sponsors include Maison Birks, Downtown Porsche, Moet & Chandon, Canadian designer Christopher Paunil, DJ Lissa Monet who is one of Toronto’s most popular DJs, Origami Heart, Wushu Project LionDance and many more.

Fete Chinoise 2015. Photo credit: Sonya Davidson

Last year, I had experienced an updated tea ceremony as well as food offerings that were inspired by night markets as well as elegant and luxurious delights. Musicians played traditional chinese instruments and of course there were lion dances! I’ve also never seen more beautiful invitations and table settings for a wedding anywhere else.


The most gorgeous flower arrangements cascading over the top of plush seating and overflowing centrepieces were absolutely unforgettable. I can’t wait to see what they come up with this year.

If you have a celebration coming up and want to work in modern touches with the traditions of our culture then this is an incredible way to get inspired and meet some of the best of the city.

Fete Chinoise 2015. Photo credit: Sonya Davidson

There are two special curated experiences offered with a maximum attendance of 350 guests at each. Tickets are on sale with proceeds going to Mon Sheong Foundation and Orbis Canada…

Afternoon Tea Experience: enjoy dim sum made in-house by the Shangri-La Hotel complete with tea and traditions they are known for. Explore the different themed rooms at your leisure.

Evening Cocktail: offers a more lively Asian night marketplace where you’ll sip on cocktails and enjoy late-night snacks while exploring the exhibitors.

It’s a beautiful experience that will get everyone excited about any upcoming celebration and many of the guests last year were all dressed up for a day of luxury at the hotel venue.

If you would like to make a weekend out of it all…the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto is offering a preferred rate for attendees the night of November 19th.

Visit fetechinoise.ca for more details.


*all photos were taken at last year’s event that featured many incredible services. 


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