The Gift of Time

I remember winning a watch at a charity event. It was pretty special. The face had a moon and a sun that rotated according to the time of day. I gave it to my dad and he wore it for years and still has it. It always reminded me that time is a gift.

There’s something very comforting and nostalgic about watches. They are personal reflecting who we are and our individual styles. Whether it be a cool digital smart watch or luxury watch or fashionable watch, they all remind us to either slow down or get moving.

medium watch co

I was introduced to a Canadian company called Medium Watches Co. where you can customize your own timepiece from the styles offered. I had noticed that the designs were all clean-lined and minimal. Highly sophisticated pieces that project confidence in our world of busy. That’s more of what we need. Uncomplicated looks because life is already complicated enough.

On the site, I played with the ideas and creating my own and envisioning all the possibilities. I am obsessed with the little details on the face, straps, and materials. Then I saw an option to have it personalized. I could have put my name or a significant date. But I decided on a daily reminder for me…

start each day

with a

grateful heart

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