Exploring Vintage Coffee

We associate vintage with the finer things of life. Think vintage wines that are exceptional because of the particular harvest and have aged gracefully. Or vintage cars and other luxury goods. They are appreciated in more ways than one. But have you heard of vintage coffee?

Nespresso has recently release a limited edition SELECTION VINTAGE 2014. At first try, I was surprised with a velvety, bold and intense in flavour without any bitterness. The Vintage 2014 edition for the OriginalLine, and the Vertuo, are rated at a level 7 on the scale of intensity. This particular release is meant to be enjoyed alone to be fully appreciated and has quickly become my favourite next to the Caramelito and Roma that I absolutely adore!

photo: Sonya D.

The aged coffee is a special and sought-after coffee that has been intentionally aged over several years. Made from fresh Arabic coffee sourced from high altitudes in the Columbian highlands and plains, the beans were harvested three years ago and then aged with loving care. The result is a complex and refined taste that has soft fruity notes and a smooth velvet-like texture.

I had learned that aging of coffee is nothing new. It began in the 1700s as coffee harvested in Indonesia and then travelled for months on boats heading to Europe. While in the wooden boats, the coffee would be exposed to the sea air and salt water which caused the beans to swell. Then the beans were dried in the sun. The fluctuation of temperature and air conditions changed the physical structure of the coffee beans and then resulted in how they would react to roasting and some surprising results.

Nespresso experts focused on the  best of the aging techniques to deliver a vintage release that was fully controlled. This completely new method of aging includes regulating time, oxygen, moisture in the air, light and atmospheric pressure for the ideal vintage roast.

It has taken three years to develop the SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 line and it is now finally available to consumers. Definitely worth exploring if you are a coffee lover!

In celebration of this unique launch, Riedel has also released the Reveal Espresso Intense crystal tasting glasses to enhance the smoothness and flavour notes in this special edition.


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