Pouring my Galentine’s Day love for Melitta’s Pour-Over Coffee Brew

You know it’s Valentine’s Day in my household when our chocolate fondue set makes its annual appearance. The hubby and I will pull out our fondue pot we got as a wedding gift and use it on this day. Once a year. Every year. For nearly 20 years. When my kids were born and old enough, they would participate in the yearly chocolate fondue dessert ritual. (As I write this I’m wondering why we don’t have chocolate fondue more often??!!)  This year, however, I’m not sure if it’s because my kids are older and think my heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches are lame, but Valentine’s Day feels “meh”. Then I received a coffee care package from Melitta Canada. Light bulb flashed on. I’m going to host Galentine’s Day with a DIY coffee bar! Game changer!

Wait. What? Was that a typo? Nope, not at all. You read it correctly. G-A-L-entine’s Day – a day celebrated with your BFFs, your gal pals, your girlfriends. (Yes, it is a real thing.)  Spending time with my girl squad over a cup of coffee, espresso, latte, macchiato, Americano (basically anything from the coffee family,) makes me pretty happy. So when Melitta sent over this intriguing cone-like contraption with their own premium coffee I was dancing in my seat! I love coffee. I mean, I L-O-V-E coffee (shh…I would marry coffee if I could)!

Photo credit: Carol F.

The cone pour-over coffee brewing system was actually invented over a century ago by Melitta Bentz in Germany using her son’s blotter paper from his schoolbook. Taa-daa! The coffee filter was born!  I was surprised how simple it was to use.  Basically, there is a hole at the bottom of the pour-over cone, which you place on top of a coffee cup or a carafe.  Line the cone with a coffee filter, pour hot boiling water into the cone to wet the filter in order to rinse out any paper residue. Discard the water.  Next add about 20-25 grams of ground coffee (which equates to approximately 2 scoops of coffee for a 12 oz cup of coffee) into the filter-lined cone.  Pour a small amount of hot water into the cone to allow the coffee to “bloom”.  Think of it as a pre-soaking step where the water saturates the grounds to allow the natural gases in the coffee to be released so it bubbles up.  You may even wish to stir the coffee grounds so that water touches every precious speck of coffee to extract all the deliciousness of flavours.  Continue to slowly pour hot water into the cone in concentric circles until you have made a 12 oz cup of coffee.  Many coffee aficionados view this system of pour-over coffee brewing as a superior method of making coffee because it balances the flavours from the beans.  Baristas and coffee experts who use this pour-over method have it down to a science from taking the temperature of the hot water to weighing out the amount of water and beans to timing their pour.  If anything, there is an art to this pour-over coffee brewing method and it totally looks sexy while you’re doing it!

As for the chocolate fondue, I think I’ll use it again…for old time’s sake.

Photo credit: Carol F

Photo credit: Carol F.

~Carol (@bakingzen)



*Disclosure: Melitta Canada provided me with coffee pour-over cones and coffee for review purposes only.  Opinions expressed here are my own.





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