Why Terrace House: Aloha State is your next indulgence on Netflix

It snowed HARD this past weekend where we live. It was the snowfall with pretty and fluffy snowflakes but we we decided it was a good opportunity to just stay put in PJs as long as we could. Typically on days like this, we take advantage of the downtime to scroll through Netflix and see if anything is new. We noticed a new reality show Terrace House: Aloha State. Naturally, anything that reminds us of Hawaii on a cold winter’s day would have our complete attention.

I gave up on reality shows when I just couldn’t handle all the extreme drama and bitchiness . People being caught on camera with their alcohol talking and doing stupid stuff is way too predictable. But it must be a formula that seems to work for ratings. I’m just not it.

Terrace House is a reality show series unlike any other that we’ve seen and we’re hooked after a the first episode. But first, what you should know…. This Japanese reality show has taken place in Japan for a few seasons. This new season (co-produced with Netflix) relocates the show to Hawaii.

We are introduced to six fresh-faced young adults in this unscripted series. They all politely speak Japanese (english subtitles) as they get to know each other.  Ranging from 18 years old to 27 years old each member of the household is ridiculously adorable and sweet. They are all super kawaii! ..and the complete opposite of Jersey Shore.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

It’s not to say that the alcohol isn’t there. It is. It’s no where near the excessive consumption as seen on other reality shows. I think within the first two episodes I may have seen a total of two beers — served in glass ware and not chugged from the bottle.

The setting is a modern, zen and magazine worthy house (you shouldn’t be surprised) with minimal-style decor and a gorgeous pool. It’s void of noise aesthetically. As a viewer, I find myself feeling the tranquility of the space that doesn’t fight for attention.

The roommates come from a variety of backgrounds and are from Japan, Hawaii as well as continental US. There’s a model, an aspiring actor, a retail salesperson, and even a ukulele musician — who has confessed that he’s never had a girlfriend.  A collective “awwwww” is the reaction. But could you imagine the jabs that guy would get on a typical reality show?

While we watch how their relationships blossom, the reality show bounces to and from Japan as a group of commentators and celebrities offer up their funny take on what’s happening in the house and predictions.

This reality show is a great indulgence that explores friendship, love, and dreams mixed in with some drama of the daily lives of the six young men and women. Terrace House is  described as “provocative” on the Netflix site, but let’s just say you won’t feel dirty after watching it.

Terrace House: Aloha State on Netflix in Canada as of January 17, 2017. Episodes are being released in groups starting with 1-8 in the series. There are 24 episodes in total.

Here’s the trailer…

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